Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Cease Fire”

Shran is back! So’s Soval! Plus we get Suzie Plakson as a cranky Andorian! Plus T’Pol stands up for herself, Archer struggles for peace no matter how many roadblocks go up in his face, and Tucker gets to be awesome in the captain’s chair. Face front, true believer, this one has it all! The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch negotiates a “Cease Fire.”

An excerpt:

Both [Gary] Graham and [Jolene] Blalock play their one scene alone together very nicely, also, with Soval prodding her and T’Pol giving near-constant pushback on Soval’s attempts to get her to stop fooling around with the humans and come back to work for him like a sensible Vulcan. Chris Black’s script is particularly strong here, with Soval using lots of clever rhetorical tricks to try to manipulate T’Pol, and T’Pol magnificently deflecting all of it. Credit also to Black for having both Soval and Tarah use the same reductive propaganda about each others’ side. (Vulcans always lie and can’t be trusted! Andorians are always violent and can’t be trusted!)

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