Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Future Tense”

The producers decide to do a Temporal Cold War story to remind us that this plotline exists and then do precisely nothing remotely interesting with it. We do get Tholians, though, so that’s cool? I guess? Maybe? The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch speaks in “Future Tense.”

An excerpt:

There are some isolated moments that are good, like Tucker and Reed’s conversation about time travel—with Tucker not wanting to know the future, and Reed eager to know it—Archer and Forrest speculating about Cochrane, Phlox and T’Pol’s conversation about time travel and interspecies breeding, and the time loops that Tucker, Reed, and Archer get stuck in.

Then there are moments when I wanted to throw my shoe at the screen, particularly watching them examine the ship in their uniforms with no gloves or masks or protective gear of any sort, and without things that you know the other shows that take place in the future might have like sterile force fields and the like. Plus the stuff about humans and Vulcans interbreeding is a bit too wink-at-the-viewer considering the most popular character in the franchise is a human-Vulcan hybrid…

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