looking at the end of Star Trek: Prodigy‘s first season

Star Trek: Prodigy‘s first season is all done, and the final seven episodes have the show’s first major missteps — a comedy of errors that isn’t very comedic and is a big error and a tiresome holodeck-gone-wrong story — but comes to a very satisfying conclusion. My take on the final seven episodes of the show that I still think is the best of the new Trek series…

An excerpt:

Fourteen months ago I called Prodigy the best of the new Trek series, and while SNW is challenging that position, and while these final seven episodes didn’t all cohere as well as the previous thirteen, I still stand by it, and I say that as someone who likes a lot of what Secret Hideout has been doing since 2017. What I especially love is how well the crew has come together as a team and as a family, and how each character has grown. The best thing about every Trek series has been the characters, and Prodigy continues that, from the diamond-in-the-rough that is Dal to the tragic Gwyn to the earnest Zero to the eager-to-learn Rok to the dirty-hands-zany Pog to the adorable Murf.

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