Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: second season overview

The second season of the last Trek show of the Rick Berman era was pretty meandering, but at least it was directionless! My overview of a most disappointing season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

An excerpt:

Some of those stories worked nicely, mind you, but even many of those had a weird feeling of inconsequentiality. For example, “Minefield” was a good bit of suspense, but the fact that it was the first contact with the Romulans felt almost muted, while “Regeneration” was a strong action story, but the need to keep information about the Borg minimal kneecapped the episode in many of the same ways as “Acquisition” (though “Regeneration” was actually a good episode). Others were decent concepts that were just horrendously executed (e.g., “Marauders,” “Dead Stop,” “The Communicator,” “Stigma,” “Vanishing Point,” “The Crossing”). And some were just awful from the ground up and from the roof on down the other side, like “Precious Cargo” and “A Night in Sickbay.”

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