Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “The Xindi”

It’s the start of Trek‘s first true season-long arc! Enterprise braves the Delphic Expanse, a region of space so turbulent and dangerous that the Vulcans went to great lengths to convince Starfleet to not go there. And their first adventure there is (checks notes) a, um, bog-standard prison break story. Okay, then. Plus, the first of what promises to be an excruciating number of softcore porn Vulcan neuro-pressure scenes. The Enterprise Rewatch meets “The Xindi.”

An excerpt:

I was thrown out of the story very early on when Sato sits down to introduce herself to the MACOs, and again when Phlox announces that the kamikaze pilot corpse was reptilian. The notion that Sato never came across the MACOs in thirteen weeks and that it took Phlox this long to figure out that a corpse is reptilian leaves my disbelief choking for air on the side of the road.

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