Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “The Shipment”

John Cothran Jr. plays a friendly Xindi who winds up helping move the storyline forward and also provide some details on who and what the Xindi are. And the show continues to move away from the revenge plot that last season’s finale threatened and instead moves back toward being, y’know, a Star Trek show. The Enterprise Rewatch awaits delivery of “The Shipment.”

An excerpt:

I’m very grateful to see that that was at least partly a stress response to a horrific act. With time passing, the crew is coming back to themselves, and Archer isn’t doing “whatever it takes.” Indeed, he’s thinking rationally. Reed and Hayes really really want to blow up the facility, because that’ll set back the construction of the weapon. But as Archer rightly points out, what does that get them? It’ll just allow the notion the Xindi have in their heads that humans are horrible people to grow roots.

Instead of violence, Archer goes for talking and compassion and also learning. He learns on purpose by putting a tracker in the kemocite so they can find out where it’s going, and he learns by accident when Gralik tells him the Xindi’s recent history of a century-long war. The contentiousness among the members of the Xindi Council makes more sense now, as they all fought each other in the big war that made the planet go boom.

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