Star Trek: Picard‘s “No Win Scenario”

Stories from the past, some entertaining, some tragic! A changeling loose on the Titan! A new life form! Crusher actually being a doctor! A batshit crazy plan involving technobabble! Face front, true believer, this one has it all — well, okay, not all, as there’s no Worf or Raffi Musiker this week, which sucks, but otherwise, please do check out my review of Star Trek: Picard‘s “No Win Scenario.”

An excerpt:

The batshit crazy plan, by the by, is nifty on two different levels. For one thing, it’s Crusher who’s responsible for its genesis, because the writers finally remembered that she’s a doctor, not just a mother. She figures out that the nebula is, in fact, a creche for a lifeform that lives in space. Picard specifically cites the creatures from “Encounter at Farpoint” as an example of a similar type of lifeform, and the aliens that are born when the nebula “gives birth” look very similar to those aliens. (Regular commenter Christopher L. Bennett coined the term “cosmozoan” to refer to such lifeforms, which also applies to things like the giant amoeba from “The Immunity Syndrome,” the crystal entity from “Datalore” and “Silicon Avatar,” and Gomtuu from “Tin Man.”)

That moment of birth is the other nifty aspect of the plan, because we—as Crusher comes out and says—get the seeking out of new life. Which is, after all, supposed to be the point.

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