Star Trek: Picard‘s “Imposters”

Impressively, given that we live in a news-drenched society, and given that this season was hyped up the wazoo, they managed to keep this week’s guest star a complete surprise until today. Plus, more Worf and Musiker goodness, more Shaw fabulousness, and (sigh) more Jack mystery. Oh, and yet another actor from 12 Monkeys shows up, this time Kirk Acevedo as a most interesting Vulcan. My review of Star Trek: Picard‘s “Imposters.”

An excerpt:

I mentioned last week that I really missed seeing Worf and Musiker, and this week reminded me why. The two remain a superb pair, with the older, more mellow Worf in the hilarious position of being the calm, rational one. (I found myself reminded favorably of the period on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, when Chris Noth’s Detective Mike Logan was teamed with the hot-tempered Detective Nola Falacci, played by Alicia Witt, and Logan at one point marvels at the fact that suddenly he’s the diplomatic one for a change…)

The first thing we see of them is a sparring session on La Sirena, and it’s a magnificent scene that illustrates both characters very nicely. Musiker has no kind of poker face, grinning at one point, snarling at another. Worf, meanwhile, is efficient and calm, and constantly giving advice. It resonated with me due to its similarity to sparring sessions in my dojo, specifically when experienced black belts spar with less experienced color belts, and the former are giving advice to the latter. Worf does that here, and my favorite moment is toward the end of the fight, when he’s just standing there, looking almost bored as he parries every single shot Musiker takes.

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