4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Mask and Son of the Mask


We look at the movie that turned Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz into movie stars as well as its sequel, which pretty much put a stake in Jaime Kennedy’s entire career. The great superhero movie rewatch examines both The Mask and Son of the Mask.

An excerpt:

The late Richard Jeni is utterly superfluous as Schumaker, and while Peter Greene does fine as Tyrell (he’s made a career out of playing this type of gangster), his be-masked version of himself falls completely flat (you know it’s bad when the dog does a better job as the Mask than you). But everyone else is superb, from the radiant Cameron Diaz, a very strong start to her acting career (and showing her comedic skills, particularly in the dream sequence where she grabs Carrey’s head and starts lapping his ear caninely), to the delightful Amy Yasbeck to Peter Riegart, who completely steals the show as the put-upon Kellaway. Riegart’s acid commentary on the proceedings make the movie, a down-to-earth contrast to Carrey’s craziness.


Patreon isn’t doing the thing!


After a great deal of disturbing silence during the massive backlash to the new fee structure they announced, Patreon has come out and said, “WE’RE NOT DOING THAT, SORRY!”

I especially like that they actually use the words “we’re sorry” and “we messed up” right there in the headline, two expressions that are generally missing from public apologies by corporations and public figures. So bravo to them.

Money quote:

We’ve heard you loud and clear. We’re not going to rollout the changes to our payments system that we announced last week. We still have to fix the problems that those changes addressed, but we’re going to fix them in a different way, and we’re going to work with you to come up with the specifics, as we should have done the first time around. Many of you lost patrons, and you lost income. No apology will make up for that, but nevertheless, I’m sorry. It is our core belief that you should own the relationships with your fans. These are your businesses, and they are your fans.

As somebody who just started up a Patreon, the new fee structure was distressing to say the least. I only lost one patron because of it, but at the time I only had ten patrons, so it was still a body blow.

Luckily, it’s not happening, and with luck when they do restructure the fees, it’ll be done in a less onerous manner.

So now’s your chance to join up! You can get weekly TV reviews, monthly movie reviews, weekly excerpts from my WIPs, cat pictures, read drafts of stories and chapters as I finish them, get exclusive vignettes featuring my original characters, and you can be my convention buddy! The Patreon has been up for only nine days, and there’s already two excerpts from A Furnace Sealed (my upcoming urban fantasy novel), reviews of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and MacGyver, and six cat photos. The vignette this month will go up the last week of December and will feature Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet, next week’s TV review will likely be The Librarians, and the first movie review may well be Star Wars: The Last Jedi (or it could be something else, I dunno).

Please, consider joining. You’ll get a ton of nifty stuff, and it’s dirt cheap.

the cover to Mine!

The mighty Joe Corallo, co-editor of Mine!: A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All Benefitting Planned Parenthood, sent me the final cover for the comics anthology, which will be out later this month and which has a story written by me with art by Tom Daly called “In Defense of Self.” You can preorder it here.


There’s going to be a signing with a bunch of the NYC-area contributors — including me and Tom — on the 30th of December at Forbidden Planet on Broadway and 13th Street in Manhattan. More on that soon……………


Doug Jones is the new senator from Alabama, thank fuck


Politics in this country has degenerated in the age of President Trump that a child molester was the Republican nominee for an open senate seat, and said president endorsed him happily, and the RNC supported him.


In 2011, Roy Moore appeared on a radio show, where the host said that the government should get rid of every Constitutional amendment following the tenth. These include the 13th, which abolished slavery, the 14th, which guaranteed former slaves citizenship, the 15th, which gave black men the right to vote, the 17th, which established that senators will be elected by popular vote rather than appointed by state legislatures, and the 19th, which gave women the right to vote.

Moore’s response to getting rid of these 17 amendments? “That would eliminate many problems,” he said. “You know people don’t understand how some of these amendments have completely tried to wreck the form of government that our forefathers intended.”


In 2017, Roy Moore lost the 17th-amendment-mandated popular vote for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became President Trump’s attorney general. The main reason why he lost that vote is because of black voters and women voters.

Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?


Holy Rewatch, Batman! Extra: Batman vs. Two-Face


It’s a temporary revival of Holy Rewatch, Batman! as I take a look at Adam West’s final role, voicing the Caped Crusader one last time in Batman vs. Two-Face. As an added bonus, he stars alongside his former Alexander the Great co-star William Shatner!

An excerpt:

Everything else, though, is the same self-aware nostalgia-fest as The Return of the Caped Crusaderswas. Sometimes that’s part of the problem—they hang an even bigger lantern on the GCPD’s incompetence, which is a bit much. Having said that, I welcome the return of Harriet’s nudge-nudge-wink-winking to Alfred because she’s sure that Bruce and Dick go off to disappear and shag endlessly.

new on Patreon: more cat pics and another excerpt from A Furnace Sealed


Earlier this week, for $2/month and up patrons, I posted another cat pic, this a rather miraculous pic of Kaylee and Louie both on the bed at the same time. (This is, er, rare.)

And today I posted another excerpt from A Furnace Sealed for the $7/month and up folks.

For the $5/month and up patrons, there’ll be a review of MacGyver some time today.