Friday fanfare: “Shoehorn with Teeth”

An old favorite: DaVinci’s Notebook (aided and abetted by Moxy Früvous) doing “Shoehorn with Teeth.” Keep an ear out for the homonymic hockey-related alteration to one of the refrains. DVN is no longer together, but half of them are now Paul & Storm…..


4-Color to 35-Millimeter: X-Men: The Last Stand


Bryan Singer’s out and Brett Ratner’s in, a decision that would mess with both the X-Men and Superman franchises (we’ll cover the latter next week). An overstuffed adaptation of both “Dark Phoenix” and “The Gifted” that is an incoherent mess despite the best efforts of a talented cast. (Hey look, it’s Frasier Crane as the Beast!) The great superhero movie rewatch endures X-Men: The Last Stand.

An excerpt:

Why does Phoenix just stand there for the entire climax until everyone else is taken out? More to the point, though, why is the solution for Wolverine to kill her when there are two other solutions right there? First of all, why doesn’t Wolverine stab Grey, not with his claws, but with one of the cure darts? The island’s covered in them. Failing that, why not just let Jimmy stand near Grey? We’ve spent the entire movie hearing about (and seeing) Jimmy leech people’s powers, so why not use him to get at Grey?

Instead, we get the maximum-pathos climax that back in 2006 mostly just felt like a rerun of the climax of one of Hugh Jackman’s ‘tween-X films, Van Helsing, and trust me, the last thing anyone wants is to be reminded of that piece of junk.

my HELIOsphere schedule


I will be one of the author guests this weekend at the second HELIOsphere convention in Tarrytown, New York. Looking very much forward to going back and seeing folks. This is a nifty little convention that y’all in the NYC area should definitely consider coming by to.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:



3.30-4.45pm: reading, w/Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Charles E. Gannon, and April Grey (Ballroom 4)



11.30am-12.45pm: “Dealing with Rejection as a New (or Even Old) Writer,” w/John Grant, April Grey, Barbara Krasnoff, Mark Oshiro, and Ian Randal Strock (Ballroom 4)

1-1.45pm: autographing, w/Laura Antoniou, Susan Hanniford Crowley, Carol Gyzander, Alex Shvartsman, and Hildy Silverman (Grand North)

2.30-3.45pm: “From Prophets to Profits: The Extraordinary Voyages of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” w/Laura Antoniou, Gabi Morel, and Mark Oshiro (Ballroom 5)

4-5.15pm: “Ka-Pow: The Art of the Fight Sequence,” w/Charles E. Gannon, Mike McPhail, Bernie Mojzses, and Michael A. Ventrella (Ballroom 5)



2-3.15pm: Books & Brews (sign-up event), at the same time as Charles E. Gannon, April Grey, and Mike McPhail (Ballroom 6)


We’re also promoting the imminent publication of Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot by having advanced reader copies of the anthology available.


the Doctor will be in once a month on Patreon


One of the things Wrenn and I inherited from Dale was his complete DVD collection of everything Doctor Who. In Dale’s honor, I’ve decided that, for a while at least, one of the four or five TV reviews I’ll be doing per month on Patreon will be of a Doctor Who storyline. It will be chosen randomly, from any era of the show, any of the dozen-plus Doctors. It might be a six-part William Hartnell storyline from 1965, a four-part Tom Baker storyline from 1975, a three-part Colin Baker storyline from 1985, a one-hour Christopher Eccleston episode from 2005, or a two-part Peter Capaldi storyline from 2015.

So for those of you supporting at $5/month and up, you’re guaranteed that one of the TV reviews will be of the funny-looking person travelling around time and space in a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside. Those of you who aren’t supporting at that level or at all, now might be the time to start………….