some Marvel titles I edited now available as audiobooks!


Over the years, several people have had the rights to do prose based on Marvel’s superheroes. Marvel themselves have also gotten into the act, publishing novelizations of various storylines.

One of the former group was Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, who copublished (with Boulevard Books) a series of more than 50 books — novels and short-story anthologies — for which I served as Editor, and also contributed one novel and a bunch of short stories. The line ran from 1994-2000. BPMC also did a series of YA novels, copublished with Simon & Schuster. BPMC went bankrupt at that point, and ibooks inc. took over the license (also run by Byron Preiss, but BPMC was a publicly held company, whereas Byron owned ibooks). Since then, besides Marvel themselves, bunches of publishers have had the license, from Del Rey to Titan to Joe Books to Pocket Books. (I wrote for each of the latter two, a Thor trilogy for Joe Books and a Spider-Man novel for Pocket.)

Dreamscape Media is doing a bunch of Marvel prose stories in audio form, from many of the above publishers. 

Among the titles being released are several of the books I edited as part of the BPMC/Boulevard, including two I contributed to: The Ultimate Spider-Man, which includes my first-ever work of professional fiction, “An Evening in the Bronx with Venom,” co-authored with John Gregory Betancourt and Untold Tales of Spider-Man, which has my solo story “Arms and the Man.”

Narrated by Thom Rivera, The Ultimate Spider-Man also includes stories by Stan Lee his own self, as well as Peter David, Ann Nocenti, and David Michelinie (all of whom have written Spidey’s comics adventures), as well as Tom De Haven, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Greg Cox, Dean Wesley Smith, Craig Shaw Gardner, Richard Lee Byers, Christopher Golden, and Robert L. Washington III.

Narrated by David DeSantos, Untold Tales of Spider-Man (based on the then-running title written by Kurt Busiek that chronicled Spidey’s earliest days) has stories from throughout Spider-Man’s history by Spidey comics writers Nocenti, Tom DeFalco, Danny Fingeroth, Eric Fein, and Glenn Greenberg, as well as authors Golden, Byers, Will Murray, José R. Nieto, John Garcia, Pierce Askegren, Michael Jan Friedman, John S. Drew, Ken Grobe, Steven A. Roman, Steve Lyons, and Adam-Troy Castro (who’s “The Stalking of John Doe” is one of the best Spidey stories ever told in any medium, IMO).

Other titles that I edited that are part of this set of releases are Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six by Adam-Troy Castro, Generation X by Scott Lobdell & Elliot S! Maggin, Spider-Man: Carnage in New York by David Michelinie & Dean Wesley Smith, Spider-Man: The Octopus Agenda by Diane Duane, Captain America: Liberty’s Torch by Tony Isabella & Bob Ingersoll, Iron Man: The Armor Trap and Iron Man: Operation A.I.M. by Greg Cox, The Incredible Hulk: Abominations by Jason Henderson, Spider-Man: Valley of the Lizard by John Vornholt, X-Men: Empire’s End by Diane Duane, Spider-Man: Wanted Dead or Alive by Craig Shaw Gardner, The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast by Peter David, and Daredevil: Predator’s Smile and the three books in the X-Men: Mutant Empire trilogy and X-Men: Codename Wolverine all by Christopher Golden, as well as the anthologies The Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimate Super-Villains.

The full list is in this story on The Beat.