an open letter to Balticon, which I am not attending

An open letter to the folks who run Balticon:  

I’m afraid that I must decline the invitation to be an author guest/program participant at Balticon 55, and have no plans to return to the convention any time soon.  

The convention’s handling of the multiple harassment complaints against convention chair Eric Gasior is disappointing. All the more so because my wife Wrenn Simms and I were witnesses to the incident spelled out in one of those complaints. We were at Arisia 2016, and we observed Eric’s behavior toward one of the complainants. At the time, we thought it was an isolated incident due to a particular set of circumstances. We have since learned that there were at least three other complaints against Eric of a similar nature to that of the one we were privy to. Our names were passed on to the investigator that Balticon hired to look into the allegations, but we were never contacted. Now the investigation is said to be complete and finished, even though Wrenn and I were not questioned, despite being witnesses to Eric’s harassment in January 2016.  

This is massively unacceptable and I cannot in good conscience support the con. Balticon is a favorite convention of ours, and I am disappointed to not be attending, but to attend now would be to give my tacit support to a convention committee that has proven to not care about the safety of its attendees.  


—Keith R.A. DeCandido

my Balticon 53 schedule


As is my wont, I will be at Balticon 53 over Memorial Day weekend at the Renaissance Baltimore Hotel in the Inner Harbor. I will be spending a great deal of time at the eSpec Books table in the dealer room, and Mermaid Precinct will be part of eSpec’s launch party Sunday night from 7-9pm in Ballroom A.

I’m also doing programming, as per usual, which is as follows:


4-5pm: “Freelancing in the Publishing Industry,” w/Barbara Krasnoff, Ness, and Michael R. Underwood (Mount Washington)

6-7pm: “CSI: Fantasy Edition,” w/John French, David Keener, Kim the Comic Book Goddess, and Gail Z. Martin (Mount Washington)


1-2pm: “You Can’t Shop at Target in Middle Earth,” w/D.H. Aire, Elizabeth Bear, Lauren Harris, and Roberta Rogow (Kent)

2-3pm: “Captain Marvel and the Retconning of the MCU,” w/Jack Clemons, Dame Dahlia, Scott Edelman, and John Edward Lawson (Room 8006)

5-6pm: “The Rise and Fall of Marvel on Netflix,” w/D.H. Aire, Ryan Haupt, Hildy Silverman, Sara Testarossa, and Steven H. Wilson (Mount Washington)

8-9pm: reading, w/Danielle Ackley-McPhail


I have no programming on Sunday (aside from the launch party) or Monday.


my Balticon 52 schedule


I will, as is my wont, be at Balticon 52 over Memorial Day weekend. It would take a lot for me to miss Balticon, as that was the con at which I was introduced to Wrenn by Hugh Casey in 2009. That introduction started us on the path to where we are today as a happily married couple, and it all started at Balticon nine years ago.

So yeah, we’re going back. I’m doing programming, Wrenn’s doing tech, and both of us will be selling our wares (her stuffies, my books) at the eSpec Books table in the dealer room.

Here’s my programming schedule:


Nothing programmed, but I will be around, probably mostly at eSpec’s table.


12-1pm: Kaffeeklatsch (room 8029) — must sign up for this at the information desk

3-4pm: “Ask Me Anything: Authors,” w/Val Griswold-Ford, Bud Sparhawk, David Walton, & Lawrence Watt-Evans (Mt. Washington) — basically, you’ll have five captive authors and you can ask them anything you want (EDITED TO ADD: Bud Sparhawk announced on Facebook that he won’t be able to attend Balticon this year)


3-4pm: “Frankenstein at 200,” w/Bugsy Bryant, Mildred Cady, and Tee Morris (Guilford)

5-6pm: reading, w/Jack Campbell and Robyn Wyrick (St. George)

7-8pm: “What Good is an Agent?” w/Leah Cypress, C.S. Friedman, Christie Meierz, and Tee Morris (room 7029)

8-9pm: “Detectives in Urban Fantasy,” w/Paul Ellis, Gail Z. Martin, and Michelle Sonnier (room 8029)


12-1pm: autographs, w/Doc Coleman (5th floor lobby)

Hope to see folks there in two weeks!

my Balticon 51 schedule

balticon banner

I will be attending Balticon 51 this coming weekend as an author guest. I will also be spending a lot of time at the eSpec Books table in the dealer room selling and signing books (and also selling Wrenn’s Geek Bears).

Here’s my schedule:


12-1pm: “Worldbuilding for RPGs vs. Novels: Similarities & Differences,” w/Peter Bryant & Chris Jackson (Room 8006)

1-2pm: “SFF You Should Be Watching,” w/D.H. Aire & Lisa-Anne Samuels (Mt. Washington)


1-2pm: reading, w/Jack Campbell & Michael Ventrella (St. George)

1-3pm: Fortress Publishing/Fantastic Books launch party, w/ Brian Kocienski, Ian Randal Strock, and a cast of dozens (Club Lounge — I’ll be late to this, as I’ve got my reading, but I’ll be there eventually to help launch TV Gods: Summer Programming)

6-7pm: “How Much It Costs: Past and Future,” w/Bob Chase, Tim Dodge, & Roberta Rogow (Guilford)

7-9pm: eSpec Books launch party, w/Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Mike McPhail, and a cast of dozens (Con Suite)


1-2pm: “Expanding a Universe,” w/Steven Brust, Jack Campbell, Dave Robison, & S.M. Stirling (Guilford)

Looking forward to seeing folks there!