Classics Track Quarantine Panels: Addams Family at 30, and what if the MCU was in the 1980s?

Dragon Con’s American Sci-Fi Classics Track has continued to do weekly Quarantine Panels, hosted by track directors Joe Crowe & Gary Mitchel, to talk about various subjects, and I was on two recent ones.

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of The Addams Family movie starring Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, and Christina Ricci, and that panel featured Terrific ToniAnn Marini, Sassy Stormy O’Dell, Superlative Shaun Rosado, and me, Joe, and Gary talking about the Mamushka, crashing trains, why Gomez and Morticia are the best couple ever, and how awesome Christina Ricci is.

In addition, Joe & Gary have been playing “what if…?” games — what if the Marvel Cinematic Universe got its start in 1988 instead of 2008? Who would have played the iconic roles? Tom Selleck as Tony Stark? Sean Connery as Ego? Wesley Snipes as T’Challa? Kirk Douglas as Henry Pym? Brian Blessed as Volstagg? It’s crazy-ass speculation galore, with me, Joe, Gary, and Mighty Michael Bailey set Marvel heroes back 30 years — literally!

talkin’ Dick Tracy with the Classics Track

Last night, I did the latest online “Quarantine Panel” by Dragon Con’s American Sci-Fi Classics Track, discussing the 1990 Dick Tracy film directed by and starring Warren Beatty. I was joined by Denise Lhamon, Michael Bailey, and Classics Track gurus Joe Crowe & Gary Mitchel (who yesterday were also officially anointed as running the track again for 2021).

Check it out:

talkin’ Supernatural‘s “Unity” on the Dragon Con Urban Fantasy Track

The virtual Dragon Con continues! The Urban Fantasy Track has continued to do weekly discussions of the new episodes of Supernatural, and they invited me to join the fun for “Unity,” the episode that aired last Thursday. Check out me, Gail Z. Martin, Beth Dolgner, Damian Allen, Kristin Jackson, and moderator/track leader Carol Malcolm talking about the latest episode!

adding to the stuff I did at Dragon Con

There was one program item I did at virtual Dragon Con that was originally recorded and held in reserve in case something went wrong on Dragon Con TV. As it happened, nothing did, so the panel wasn’t shown during Dragon Con, but it is shown now on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track YouTube page.

I’ve added it to the stuff I did at Dragon Con entry, but here it is in this post also because it’s awesome: the Roll-a-Panel about movies from 1985!

This was recorded Thursday of Dragon Con and given to DCTV for backup. It wasn’t needed, but hilariously, the Classics Track itself had a snafu, so they did an impromptu Part 2 of the 1985 roll-a-panel during the con, which is also on their YouTube page.

The best thing about the above panel is that I’m wearing a T-shirt that I actually bought in 1985! Amazingly, the T-shirt I bought at the Bruce Springsteen concert I saw in Giants Stadium of August of that year still fits me……………..

stuff I did at Dragon Con

So the virtual Dragon Con has come and gone, but don’t worry if you missed it — most of the programming has been archived on the Tube of You! Here’s a lot of the stuff I did.

“The End is Near: A Supernatural Fan Panel,” with me, Gail Z. Martin, Kristin Jackson, Carol Malcolm, Marx Pyle, and Damian Allen.

“American Sci-Fi Classics Pre-Show,” with me, Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Bethany Kesler, Sue Kisenwether, Jessa Phillips, Michael Falkner, Rosalyn Falkner, Darin Bush, Lola Strickland, Kevin Eldridge, Felicity Kusinitz, Michael Bailey, and Sherman Burris, where we all talk Dragon Con memories and other craziness.

“Abbey Road: The 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road and Let It Be,” with me, R. Alan Siler, J.C. De La Torre, Mike Faber, JM Tuffley, Rob Levy, and Widgett Walls.

“Gordon’s Alive!: Flash Gordon at 40,” with me, Joe Crowe, Debbie Viguie, Gary Mitchel, and Jonathan Williams.

“Superheroes After Batman ’89: Dick Tracy! The Shadow! The Rocketeer! The Flash!” with me, Debbie Viguie, Scott Viguie, Denise Lhamon, Shaun Rosado, Gary Mitchel, Joe Crowe, Michael Bailey, and Kevin Eldridge.

“The Pre-MCU Marvel Movies: Blade, X-Men, Fantastic Four,” with me, Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Jessa Phillips, Michael Bailey, and Michael Falkner.

“Roll-a-Panel: 1985 Movies,” with me and a metric buttload of people. This was recorded the Thursday of Dragon Con and then held in reserve in case Dragon Con TV needed a hole to fill. They didn’t, and so it was finally presented on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track’s YouTube page as a bonus. As a further bonus, I’m wearing a shirt THAT I BOUGHT IN 1985, a Bruce Springsteen concert T-shirt from a show at Giants Stadium in August 1985. Amazingly, it still fits…..

“Roll-a-Panel: 1985 Movies, Part Deux,” with me and WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE TO LIST HERE. The American Sci-Fi Classics Track did have a hole in their schedule, so they did an impromptu second 1985 movies roll-a-panel.

“The Sherlock Holmes Archetype,” with me, Caro McCully, Jennifer Blackstream, Trisha J. Wooldridge, Bob Nygaard, and Rox of Spazhouse.

My reading, of bits of Alien: Isolation and To Hell and Regroup.

“Novelization Readings,” with me, Joe Crowe, James Palmer, Kevin Eldridge, Michael J. Williams, Chris Cummins, and Elizabeth Jones.

Doctor Who Potpourri,” with me, Caro McCully, Sue Kisenwhether, JM Tuffley, L. Jagi Lamplighter, and Michael Falkner.

“Music for Writers,” with me, Darin Kennedy, and Sue Phillips.


most of my virtual Dragon Con schedule

Like pretty much every con that wasn’t in January or February, Dragon Con is going virtual this year. The con will be in bits and pieces all over the web, including DCTV, on Facebook, on YouTube, on Zoom, on Discord, on Twitch, and possibly elsewhere. Here’s a guide to the virtual con including everything that will be on DCTV, and here’s a Google doc that shows what the various tracks will be doing as supplemental programming on their Facebook and YouTube feeds.

This is my current schedule. There are two prerecorded panels I did that have not yet been scheduled, and once I get the times for them, I’ll edit this post.


8-9pm: “The End is Near: A Supernatural Fan Panel” w/Damian Allen, Kristin Jackson, Gail Martin, Marx Pyle, and Carol Malcolm (archived on YouTube)

9-11pm: “Tails of Dragon Con” w/Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Michael Falkner, Rosalind Faulkner, Bethany Kesler, Lola Strickland, Darin Bush, Kevin Kusinitz, Felicity Kusinitz, Sue Kisenwhether, Jessa Phillips, Michael Bailey, and Sherman Burris (Facebook, YouTube)


4-5pm: “Abbey Road” w/JM Tuffley, Jason De La Torre, Mike Faber, and Rob Levy (archived on YouTube)

10-11pm: “Gordon’s Alive!: Flash Gordon at 40,” w/Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Sherman Burris, Debbie Viguie, and Jonathan Williams (archived on YouTube)


1-2pm: “Superhero Movies after Batman ’89,” w/Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Michael Bailey, Kevin Eldridge, Denise Lhamon, Dr. Scott Viguie, Debbie Viguie, and Shaun Rosado (archived on YouTube)

8.30-9.30pm: “Pre-Dawn of the MCU,” w/Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Michael Bailey, Michael Falkner, and Jessa Phillips (archived on YouTube)

10-11.45pm: “Roll-a-Panel: 1985 Reprise,” w/a cast of billions (Facebook, YouTube)


10-11am: “The Sherlock Holmes Archetype,” w/Jennifer Blackstream, Bob Nygaard, Trisha Wooldridge, Caro McCully, and Roxanne Henkle (archived on YouTube)

1.30-2.45pm: Writers Track 15-minute mentoring sessions with me, sign up here! (full schedule of sessions here)

7-8pm: reading — I’ll likely be reading from Alien: Isolation and/or To Hell and Regroup (Facebook, YouTube)

8.30-9.30pm: “Novelization Readings,” w/Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Michael Williams, Chris Cummins, Kevin Eldridge, Elizabeth Jones, and James Palmer (archived on YouTube)


10-11am: “Doctor Who Potpourri,” w/L. Jagi Lamplighter, JM Tuffley, Sue Kisenwhether, Michael Falkner, and Caro McCully (archived on YouTube)

11.30am-12.30pm: “Music and Writing,” w/Darin Kennedy and Sue Phillips (Facebook, YouTube)

1.30-2.45pm: Writers Track 15-minute mentoring sessions with me, sign up here! (full schedule of sessions here)

As-yet unscheduled

Doctor Who Roundtable,” I’m one of several folks who answered questions about Doctor Who (Facebook, YouTube)

“Roll-a-Panel: 1985,” w/far too many people to list here (Facebook, YouTube)

By Dragon Con standards, this is a light schedule for me, honestly. With the added bonus of no crowds, no half-hour waits for an overcrowded elevator, and I can sleep in my own bed! Woohoo!

Looking forward to seeing folks on my laptop this weekend!

my tentative Dragon Con 2019 schedule


Here’s my somewhat insane schedule for Dragon Con 2019 (updated 20 August with three Bard’s Tower signings; updated 22 August with more panelists listed):


11am-12pm: autographing at Bard’s Tower (Merchandise Mart, 2nd floor, Booth 2719)

1-2pm: “Practical Self Defense” (Hilton 404-405)

4-5pm: “Classic Sci-Fi Legends: Remembering Stan Lee, Burt Reynolds, and More,” w/Kevin Eldridge and Chace Ambrose (Marriott M103-M105)

5.30-6.30pm: “When the Show Comes Before the Book: Media Tie-in Novels,” w/David R. George III, Clay & Susan Griffith, Anna Puerta, Tom Sniegoski, and Tim Waggoner (Westin Chastain 1-2)


10-11am: “Rewind & Rewatch Review: MSFM Flashbacks,” w/other folks (Westin Chastain DE)

1-2pm: “Edit, Edit, Edit, & Edit Some More,” w/Patricia Briggs, Clay & Susan Griffith, Lee Martindale, R.R. Virdi, & Trisha J. Wooldridge (Hyatt Embassy CD)

2.30-3.30pm: autographing, alongside Alan Isom & Tim Waggoner (Marriott International Hall South 4-5)

4-5pm: 15-minute mentor session—sign up in the Writers Track (Embassy CD), alongside Cat Rambo, Anne Sowards, & S.M. Stirling (Hyatt Embassy G)

7-8pm: “Filling in the Gaps: Author Match Game,” w/Cinda Williams Chima, Tara Hall, K.N. Lee, & Sarah Glenn Marsh (Marriott A707)


10-11am: “Accepting Their Gifts: A Midnight, Texas Fan Panel,” w/Lisa Harrison, Lisa Manifold, Corinne O’Flynn, Anna Puerta, & Wayland Smith (Westin Chastain 1-2)

11.30am-12.30pm: “Alien: 40 Years of Unexpected Dinner Outbursts,” w/Darin Bush, Andrew E.C. Gaska, Gary Mitchel, & Alex White (Marriott M103-M105)

2.30-3.30pm: reading (Hyatt Kennesaw)

4-5pm: “V-Wars,” w/Darrell Grizzle, Jonathan Maberry, Bobby Nash, & Scott Sigler (Westin Peachtree 1-2)

5.30-7pm: autographing at Bard’s Tower (Merchandise Mart, 2nd floor, Booth 2719)

8.30-9.30pm: “Alien: The Xenomorph Files,” w/Andrew E.C. Gaska, Steve Saffel, Scott Sigler, & Tim Waggoner (Westin Peachtree 1-2)


10-11am: “Creating the Great Star Trek Novel,” w/Tony Daniel & David R. George III (Hilton Galleria 2-3)

11.30am-12.30pm: “Classic Sci-Fi Roll-a-Panel: 1979 & 1999,” w/a crapton of people (Marriott M103-M105)

1-2pm: “That Nature of Evil: Ethics in Military Science Fiction Media,” w/Badger, Karen Henson, & Van Allen Plexico (Westin Chastain DE)

2.30-4pm: autographing at Bard’s Tower (Merchandise Mart, 2nd floor, Booth 2719)


That’s an insane schedule, but I’m seriously looking forward to all these. See folks there!