KRAD COVID reading #89: “The Fall of Iaron”

I’m going to be taking a break after this, but here’s the final KRAD COVID reading of 2020. I didn’t think I’d actually get through the entirety of my short fiction, but here we are…..

For this final reading of 2020, I read “The Fall of Iaron,” a story set in the Dragon Precinct universe, but not about the Cliff’s End Castle Guard. Instead, it’s about history, it’s about storytelling, and it’s about how you think you know something and you really don’t. Check it out!

And don’t worry, the readings will re-commence in 2021 in some form or other….

KRAD COVID reading #83: “The Midwinter of Our Discontent”

In 2019, Michael A. Ventrella put together an anthology called Release the Virgins! in which the authors only had one instruction: the title phrase had to appear somewhere in the story. This resulted in a wide variety of tales in a wide variety of genres. In my case, I went with a Dragon Precinct story called “The Midwinter of Our Discontent,” in which Danthres and Torin have to solve a locked-room murder mystery.

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KRAD COVID reading #77: “Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty”

Back in 2014, I crowdfunded a Dragon Precinct story called “Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty,” a tale that dealt with the band of adventurers who were the victims in Dragon Precinct. In this tale, Medinn the Bard tells the story of the final battle between Brightblade and his friends and the evil sorcerer Mitos, but each time he tells it, he finds out that there are details he got horribly wrong…..

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KRAD COVID reading #71: “Crime of Passion”

One of the ways I kept the world of Dragon Precinct alive between the publication of that novel in 2004 and its sequel Unicorn Precinct in 2011 was through short stories. One such was this 2006 tale I wrote for the anthology Hear Them Roar, edited by Patrick Thomas and the late great C.J. Henderson: “Crime of Passion,” in which Danthres and Torin must solve the murder of a woman and her two children, and their husband/father is both the best and worst suspect for the deed.

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KRAD COVID reading #67: “Chaos Theory”

For the eSpec Books edition of Gryphon Precinct, I wrote an original short story that appeared as a bonus in the book. “Chaos Theory” — about what turns out to be a very strange series of seemingly unconnected, yet very obviously linked murders — started out life as the story for the Dragon Precinct graphic novel that I tried Kicstarting but failed to reach its funding goal. So I did a short story instead. Check out my reading of it!

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KRAD COVID readings #63: “A Clean Getaway”

In 2007, I wrote a story for the Jean Rabe-edited anthology Pandora’s Closet entitled “A Clean Getaway.” The anthology theme was closets that hold dark secrets, and in this case, a heretofore unseen closet in a rich family’s house suddenly appears and starts spewing filth. Lieutenants Danthres Tresyllione and Torin ban Wyvald must figure out why it’s happening before the closet’s muck-producing takes over the house–and the block!

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you can still support my new Dragon Precinct & Cassie Zukav stories!

Because Indie GoGo is awesome, they let you continue to support projects after their funding period is ended, soif you want to support “The Gorvangin Rampages: A Dragon Precinct Story” and “Ragnarok and a Hard Place: A Tale of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet,” you still can!

“The Gorvangin Rampages” is a story taking place during the one-year gap between Gryphon Precinct and Mermaid Precinct, with the Cliff’s End Castle Guard having to deal with riots connected to a charismatic figure named Gorvangin. “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” sees Odin and Loki both returning to Key West after seemingly dying, just in time for the end of the world.

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now on IndieGoGo: new Dragon Precinct and new Cassie Zukav stories!!!!

I’ve launched a new crowdfund, this one for two new stories, one in the Dragon Precinct milieu, the other a tale of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet.

Details at the link, or in the video above. Short version: “The Gorvangin Rampages” is an untold tale of the Cliff’s End Castle Guard from the one-year gap between Gryphon Precinct and Mermaid Precinct, and “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” is a Key West urban fantasy story that brings both Odin and Loki back after their respective apparent deaths in “Cayo Hueso: Twisting Fate” and “Fish Out of Water,” much to the surprise of Cassie.

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a nice comment on Dragon Precinct


Got this in a message from someone who recently purchased the new eSpec Books edition of Dragon Precinct:

Your writing style reminds me of a less sarcastic Terry Pratchett mixed with a dash of Robin McKinley. The book reminds me of Pratchett’s Nightwatch series mixed with a D&D campaign my friends would design. I also love your vocabulary choices. You pepper in some great words without going overboard on thesaurus choices. In short I’m probably going to end up buying the whole series.

This is the sort of thing that makes one’s year. I’ll take being compared to Pratchett and McKinley every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


all the Precinct books have been reissued!

It’s now official — all five extant Precinct books have been reissued by eSpec Books, as they’ve rereleased Gryphon Precinct (complete with the bonus story “Chaos Theory”).

Here are full ordering links for all five books:

Now I just have to write Mermaid Precinct……………….