autographed books for sale!

I’ve got a whole mess of my books for sale, and I’m more than happy to not only sell and ship them to you, but autograph them as well!

If you want any of the titles below, all you have to do is tally up the cover prices, add $5 for shipping in the U.S. (if you want shipping to a foreign country, just send me the cover prices and I’ll bill you for the postage once I know how much it is), and then send me the money, which you can do any number of ways:

  • PayPal to
  • Venmo to @keith_decandido
  • Zelle to
  • Check or money order mailed to me at PO Box 4976, New York, NY 10185-4976

Let me know your shipping address and to whom you want the book autographed. If you have any questions, comment on this blog post or e-mail me at

Also please bear in mind that I’ve got limited quantities of some of these titles, so don’t wait too long…..

Here’s what I got:

The Precinct books

  • Dragon Precinct — $15
  • Unicorn Precinct — $15
  • Goblin Precinct — $15
  • Gryphon Precinct — $15
  • Mermaid Precinct — $15
  • Tales from Dragon Precinct — $15
  • any 3 of the above Precinct books — $40
  • any 4 of the above Precinct books — $55
  • any 5 of the above Precinct books — $65
  • all 6 of the above Precinct books — $80
  • Mermaid Precinct signed & numbered hardcover — $75

The Bram Gold Adventures

  • A Furnace Sealed — $15

The 18th Race

  • To Hell and Regroup — $15


  • Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet — $17
  • Without a License: The Fantastic Worlds of Keith R.A. DeCandido — $15


  • Bad Ass Moms (with “Materfamilias”) — $16
  • Did You Say Chicks!? hardcover (with “A Bone to Pick”) — $20
  • Pangaea Book 3: Redemption (with “Journalistic Integrity”) — $16

Alien tie-ins

  • Bug Hunt (with “Deep Background”) — $17
  • Isolation paperback — $8
  • Isolation audio CD — $20

Marvel tie-ins

  • Spider-Man: Down These Mean Streets — $10
  • Spider-Man: Venom’s Wrath — $10
  • Thor: Dueling with Giants — $10
  • X-Men Legends (with “Diary of a False Man”) — $20

Star Trek tie-ins

  • The Art of the Impossible — $8
  • The Klingon Art of War — $25
  • Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions (with A Gutted World) — $15
  • Seven Deadly Sins (with “The Unhappy Ones”) — $15
  • A Singular Destiny — $8
  • Tales of the Dominion War — $24 SOLD OUT
  • A Time for War, a Time for Peace — $8 SOLD OUT

Young Hercules tie-ins

  • The Ares Alliance — $3
  • Cheiron’s Warriors — $3
  • both YH books — $5

Other tie-ins

  • Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars — $5
  • Farscape: House of Cards — $10
  • Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda: Destruction of Illusions hardcover — $10
  • Serenity — $10
  • Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution — $8
  • Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon — $8

KRAD COVID reading #65: “Ten Little Aliens”

In 2001, Alderac Entertainment Group put out a role-playing game for Farscape, the Jim Henson Company-produced show on the Sci-Fi Channel. I had already written a novel (House of Cards) and two short stories (in the show’s official magazine) in the world, and AEG asked me to write a story that would go at the front of the RPG book. My latest reading is that story, a first-season tale called “Ten Little Aliens,” in which Crichton, D’Argo, Crais, and seven other people are transported to a planet where they must find a prize to win their freedom.

Check it out! And please subscribe to the channel!

read my stuff while you’re stuck at home, part 2: TV tie-ins


So many of us are kinda stuck staying home a lot, and that means more reading time! Or, at least, time spent reading so you don’t go batshit because you’re stuck staying at home a lot……

As one possible thing to read, how about my writing? I’ve already posted about my Star Trek work, and now we move on to other TV show tie-ins, which are listed below in alphabetical order, and include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI: NY, Doctor Who, Farscape, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Heroes, Leverage, Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, Stargate, Supernatural, The X-Files, Xena, and Young Hercules.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


  • The Xander Years Volume 1 — novelizing three Xander-focused episodes, “Teacher’s Pet,” “Inca Mummy Girl,” and “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”
  • Blackout — a novel focusing on previous Slayer Nikki Wood, who worked in New York in 1977 and faced off against Spike and Drusilla
  • The Deathless — on Ring Day at Sunnydale High School, an evil Russian sorcerer is attempting to be resurrected




  • Four Walls — Mac Taylor and his team of CSIs have two cases, a murder in a medium-security prison on Staten Island and another one in a café in the Bronx

Doctor Who

Short stories:

  • “UNITed We Fall” in Decalog 3: Consequences — the Fourth Doctor must defuse a time bomb (literally) in the United Nations, aided by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
  • “Life from Lifelessness” in Short Trips: Destination Prague — the First and Fourth Doctor both encounter the Golem of Prague

Anthology editing:




  • House of Cards — taking place during the late second season, the gang goes to a gambling planet where Rygel loses Moya in a card game

Short stories:

Comic books:

  • Farscape Omnibus Volume 1 (written with Rockne S. O’Bannon) — collecting four post-finale storylines, “The Beginning of the End of the Beginning,” “Strange Detractors,” “Gone and Back,” and “Tangled Roots” — Rygel returns home to claim his throne, a vicious disease spreads through the Uncharted Territories, Crichton visits an Unrealized Reality, and Aeryn learns a shocking truth about the Peacekeepers — and the three D’Argo miniseries D’Argo’s Lament, D’Argo’s Trial, and D’Argo’s Quest — which provide D’Argo’s backstory as well as what he did between seasons three and four
  • Red Sky at Morning — Moya returns to the homeworld of the Pilots and learn of a new threat to the Uncharted Territories
  • Compulsions — Moya teams with another Leviathan to deal with a new foe
  • The War for the Uncharted Territories — the Peacekeepers have a surprising new leader, the Kkore are invading, and Crichton must bring the species of the UTs together or risk losing everything

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda


  • Destruction of Illusions — a prequel to the series, showing what both Tyr Anasazi and Beka Valentine and the crew of the Eureka Maru were doing in the nine months leading up to the discovery of Andromeda Ascendant and the time-frozen Dylan Hunt





  • The Zoo Job — a small zoo in central Massachusetts didn’t get the black rhinos they paid for, leading half the Leverage crew to west Africa and the other half to the world of the uber-rich who illegally purchase wild animals

Orphan Black


Sleepy Hollow


  • Children of the Revolution — toward the end of the first season, Ichabod Crane and Detective Abby Mills must find a series of medals that were issued during the Revolutionary War before they’re used to resurrect Serilda of Abaddon



  • SG-1: Kali’s Wrath — toward the end of the fifth season, Jacob Carter and Bra’tac must team up to help SG-1 face off against Kali and the return of the Reetou

Short Stories:

  • “Time Keeps on Slippin'” in SG-1/Atlantis: Far Horizons — a story that takes place between seasons three and four, explaining Carter’s non-regulation haircut and Teal’c’s soul patch
  • “Sun-Breaker” in SG-1/Atlantis: Homeworlds — on board the General George Hammond, Carter and Teal’c must stop the Lucian Alliance from acquiring a Go’auld weapon




  • Nevermore — in the second season, the boys go to the Bronx to solve some Edgar Allan Poe-themed killings and stop a haunting
  • Bone Key — two demons super-charge the ghosts that haunt Key West, but one becomes too powerful and the Winchester brothers must work with the demons to stop it
  • Heart of the Dragon — a violent spirit appears in 1969 San Francisco and is banished by the Campbell family of Samuel, Deanna, and Mary; it returns in 1989, and is banished again by John Winchester; and it comes back again in 2009 in the midst of the angel-demon war and must be stopped by Sam, Dean, and Castiel


The X-Files

Short stories:

  • “Back in El Paso My Life Would Be Worthless” in Trust No One — a second-season story where Mulder and Scully are to work alongside an FBI agent who’s not thrilled at being stuck with the weirdos in the basement



Short stories:


gratuitous cover post

Been a while since I did one of these. Here are the covers to my 2018 and 2019 releases (at least those that have covers — at least two projects I’ve got that are coming out this year haven’t released their final covers into the wild yet):


Alien: Isolation:



Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot (with my story “Six Red Dragons”):



Batman: Quotes from Gotham City (compiled by me):



Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals and Gizmos (with my story “The Silent Dust”):



Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who (with my essay on Tegan Jovanka):



Farscape Omnibus Volume 1 (collecting several comics I scripted and/or wrote):



Footprints in the Stars (with my story “Puzzle Box”):



A Furnace Sealed:



Mermaid Precinct:



Outside In Takes a Stab: 139 New Perspectives on 139 Buffy Stories by 139 Writers (with my essay on “Fool for Love”):



Poison Ivy Hardcover Ruled Journal:



Release the Virgins! (with my story “The Midwinter of Our Discontent”):



They Keep Killing Glenn (with my story “House Hunting”):



Thrilling Adventure Yarns (with my story “Alien Invasion of Earth!”):

TAY front cover


Unearthed (with my story “Rán for Your Life”):


from the archives: guide to the Farscape comics

From 2008-2011, BOOM! Studios had the rights to do comic book versions of Farscape, the Jim Henson Company-produced TV show created by Rockne S. O’Bannon that ran on the Sci-Fi Channel from 1999-2003, with a miniseries, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, finishing up the storyline in 2004. There have been bunches of tie-ins, including three novels (I wrote one, House of Cards), a two-issue comic book from WildStorm, and several short stories that ran in the official magazine and in the role-playing game (I wrote three, “Many a Mile to Freedom,” “Brotherly Love,” and “Ten Little Aliens”).
In 2008, BOOM! started their “season 5” comics that were plotted by Rockne and which picked up from the end of The Peacekeeper Wars. All told, BOOM! published three four-issue miniseries, followed by an ongoing series that lasted 24 issues, plus three four-issue D’Argo miniseries and one eight-issue Scorpius miniseries. I scripted the main comics off of Rockne’s plots, and wrote the D’Argo comics, while my brother from another mother, David Mack, scripted Scorpius.
Anyhow, in 2010, I posted a guide to the Farscape comics, which I updated in 2013 and 2014. There hasn’t been anything new in comics form (or any other, though a movie is in development), so I present again, my……


The majority of the Farscape comics published by BOOM! Studios take place after The Peacekeeper Wars, and continue the story of Farscape forward (the equivalent of season 5 of the show). They are as follows, broken down by how they were collected into bound volumes:

Volume 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
written by Rockne S. O’Bannon & Keith R.A. DeCandido, art by Tommy Patterson

Moya takes Rygel to Hyneria to finally get his throne back, and things go horribly wrong.

Originally published as Farsacpe #1-4, December 2008-April 2009

Published as a hardcover in spring 2009; published as a trade paperback in summer 2010

Volume 2: Strange Detractors
written by O’Bannon & DeCandido, art by Will Sliney

A strange disease sets the crew of Moya against each other.

Originally published as Farscape: Strange Detractors #1-4, April-July 2009

Published as a hardcover in summer 2009; published as a trade paperback in fall 2010

Volume 3: Gone and Back
written by O’Bannon & DeCandido, art by Patterson

Crichton goes to an Unrealized Reality where Zhaan & D’Argo are still alive — but Crichton and Aeryn never met…

Originally published as Farscape: Gone and Back #1-4, July-October 2009

Published as a hardcover in spring 2010; published as a trade paperback in winter 2011

Volume 4: Tangled Roots
written by O’Bannon & DeCandido, art by Sliney

Crichton and Chiana go after Roiin, the bounty hunter chasing Deke, while Aeryn chases down her past and gets a few surprises.

Originally published as Farscape (ongoing) #1-4, November 2009-February 2010

Published as a trade paperback in spring 2011

Volume 5: Red Sky at Morning
written by O’Bannon & DeCandido, art by Sliney

The homeworld of the Pilots is invaded by a mysterious new alien species, and it’s Moya to the rescue — but another Leviathan got there first…

Originally published as Farscape #5-8, March-June 2010

Published as a trade paperback in summer 2011

Scorpius Volume 1
written by O’Bannon & David Alan Mack, art by Mike Ruiz

Living in exile, Scorpius encounters a mysterious new alien species — will this be his ticket back to power?

Originally published as Farscape: Scorpius #0-3, April-July 2010

Published as a trade paperback in fall 2010

Volume 6: Compulsions
written by O’Bannon & DeCandido, art by Sliney

Two Leviathans versus the Peacekeepers, and you won’t believe the end result….

Originally published as Farscape #9-12, July-October 2010

Published as a trade paperback in winter 2011

Scorpius Volume 2: Glorious Basterds
written by O’Bannon & Mack, art by Gordon Purcell

Scorpius continues his rise to power — if rise to power it truly is….

Originally published as Farscape: Scorpius #4-7, August-November 2010

Published as a trade paperback in winter 2011

Volume 7: The War for the Uncharted Territories
written by O’Bannon & DeCandido, art by Sliney

The Kkore have invaded, and all of known space is falling before them: the Scarrans, the Hynerians, the Luxans — the Peacekeepers are next, unless Crichton and Aeryn can stop them.

Originally published as Farscape #13-24, November 2010-October 2011

Published as a trade paperback in summer 2014


In addition, we’ve done a “D’Argo trilogy” of three four-issue miniseries that involve Ka D’Argo, under the general title of “Uncharted Tales.”

Uncharted Tales Volume 1: D’Argo’s Lament
written by DeCandido, art by Neal Edwards

During the third season, D’Argo and Jool must find a substance Moya needs to survive, and get caught in a gang war.

Originally published as Farscape: D’Argo’s Lament #1-4, April-July 2009

Published as a hardcover in fall 2009, published as a trade paperback in fall 2010

Uncharted Tales Volume 2: D’Argo’s Trial
written by DeCandido, art by Caleb Cleveland

The full story of D’Argo’s life leading up to the premiere episode — his courtship with Lo’Laan, their marriage, Jothee’s birth, Lo’Laan’s death, and the titular trial.

Originally published as Farscape: D’Argo’s Trial #1-4, August-November 2009

Published as a hardcover in spring 2010, published as a trade paperback in winter 2011

Uncharted Tales Volume 3: D’Argo’s Quest
written by DeCandido, art by Cleveland

Between seasons three and four, D’Argo goes searching for the man who killed his wife — and instead finds Raxil and a heap of trouble.

Originally published as Farscape: D’Argo’s Quest #1-4, December 2009-March 2010.

Published as a trade paperback in spring 2011


And there you have it. The individual issues are available at comic stores, and from various online dealers like TFAW. The collections are available at comic shops, bookstores (particularly Barnes & Noble), and online dealers (like Amazon).