Friday fanfare: “Dragon Feeds Tonight”

Here’s another piece from the Boogie Knights 40th-anniversary concert last weekend at Shore Leave 42. This is our riff on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” John Scheeler’s mic isn’t as loud as it should be, but I still like this for the harmonies and my percussion work…..

Friday fanfare: “No One is to Blame”

Here’s another piece from the 1986 Prince’s Trust concert. This one didn’t make the cut for the VHS tape of the concert that I wore out back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. What annoys me is that the tape did include two different versions of Paul Young’s “Every Time You Go Away” for no compellingly good reason (the second had George Michael duetting with Young), but didn’t include this or a bunch of other songs. Bastards.

Anyhow, here’s Howard Jones doing one of his hits, “No One is to Blame,” complete with (as expected) great piano work by keyboard master Jones, as well as (less expected, but in character) a superb Mark Knopfler guitar solo. Note also the great percussion work by Ray Cooper…..

Friday fanfare: “Get Back”

From the Prince’s Trust Gala Concert 1986, a VHS tape I pretty much wore out during my college years, here’s Paul McCartney leading a stellar version of “Get Back” for which he’s joined on vocals by Tina Turner, Paul Young, and Bryan Adams, with Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton providing great guitar solos, and Elton John on piano, Ray Cooper on percussion, Howard Jones on keyboards, and Phil Collins on drums. Yeah.

It doesn’t get much better than this……

Friday fanfare: “Closer to Fine”

A song that was a huge hit when I was in college, by a duo who pretty much epitomized “college radio” in the late 1980s alongside REM and 10,000 Maniacs and others. Here’s Indigo Girls with “Closer to Fine.” (I actually performed this song with two fellow Fordham students at a concert thingie we did on campus — I played the tin whistle bit.)

Friday fanfare: “YMCA”

At Yankee Stadium, roughly halfway through the game, the grounds crew comes out and sweeps down the infield dirt to smooth it out. Some time in the 1990s, they started doing it to “The Macarena,” and the grounds crew would do that dance as part of the cleaning routine. After a while, it was replaced by the Village People’s “YMCA,” and they’d pause in their cleaning to do the arm gestures to match the four letters when the song got to that refrain.

It amuses me that an organization as conservative as the New York Yankees (true of pretty much every baseball team, really, but the Yanks especially are proud of their “corporate” image) has the grounds crew dancing 81 times a year to a song about dudes using the YMCA to pick up other dudes.

Anyhow, here’s the Village People and their signature song…..