Friday fanfare: “Slippery People”

The existence of The Last Waltz precludes Stop Making Sense from being the greatest concert movie ever made, but Jonathan Demme’s movie of a Talking Heads concert from 1984 is pretty damn awesome, and this is one of my favorite songs from it, the stellar live version of “Slippery People,” which is a decent little new-wave-y/reggae-ish song on Speaking in Tongues, but live in the movie is a much more intense, rockin’ number with guitars and bongos emphasized over synthesizers.

Friday fanfare: “New York State of Mind”

A year ago today, I went to a Billy Joel concert with a dear friend, the first time I saw Joel in concert, even though I’ve been a fan of his since childhood. (As an attendee of a Catholic High School, “Only the Good Die Young” was a favorite of mine as a teenager, and “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” will always be a favorite of this Italian American.)

Here’s one of my favorites of his, because it’s about my city: “New York State of Mind.”

Friday fanfare: “Pizzica di San Vito”

Rhiannon Giddens, who is one of my absolute favorite musicians, put together an amazing album where she collaborated with master percussionist Francesco Turrisi. Among the songs on the album, which is entitled there is no Other, is a beautiful version of the Italian folk song “Pizzica di San Vito.” Here is another version, this one performed in the WFUV radio studio.