irons in the fire update

Got lots of stuff in the works!

Science fiction novellas project. Not quite ready to talk about this publicly yet, but this series of serialized SF novellas is proceeding apace. I’ve written the first two novellas of a thirteen-installment “season,” with more likely to come after that.

The Bram Gold Adventures. Still need to get back to Feat of Clay, which remains halfway done. I’m hoping that this is the month when that finally happens. We’ll see. I’ve also been cogitating on doing another Systema Paradoxa novella, featuring either Bram or Valentina Perrone (or maybe Yolanda Rodriguez).

The Precinct books. After Feat of Clay is done, I need to write Phoenix Precinct.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet. I still owe Indie GoGo supporters an audio of “Ragnarok and a Hard Place,” which is on this week’s to-do list. I have to write “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” which will be the only never-before-published-in-any-way story in Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which will also include the aforementioned title story, as well as “Down to the Waterline,” “William Did It,” “Rán for Your Life,” “Fish Out of Water,” “Seven-Mile Race,” “Behind the Wheel,” and all the Cassie vignettes I’ve written for Patreon. Once the dragon story’s done, I’ll turn the manuscript in to Plus One Press.

Super City Cops. I still have four novellas under contract with Falstaff Books. I should probably write them at some point. Meantime, I’ve written “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for Capes and Cowls, which will be out soon from Crossroad Press.

Short stories. One of this week’s goals is to finish my story for Three Time Travelers Walk Into…, which will feature Mary Shelley, Josh Gibson, and Katherine Johnson. I’ve turned in two stories for a couple of Crazy 8 Press anthologies that will be out this year: “The Light Shines in the Darkness,” which I hope is the first of many stories for the superhero shared universe created by Michael Jan Friedman that will start in Phenomenons: Every Human Creature; and “Carpet Bomb” for Peter David’s The Fans are Buried Tales.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness — The Beginning. I’ve written four of the five scripts for this — hoping to get #5 done this week. The art on #1 is being worked on, and we’re still waiting for final approval of the scripts for #2-4.

OOOFF! BOFF! SPLATT!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66–Season Three. Also on this week’s agenda is to finish my writeup of the final episode of Adam West’s Batman, “Minerva, Mayhem, and Millionaires” for this essay collection.

The Four ???? of the Apocalypse. Wrenn and I have fumbled the ball a bit on this one, and we’re also waiting on four of the authors (two of whom are, um, me and Wrenn) to write their stories, but this will be out this spring. We hope.

Stargate essay anthology. I’m writing a piece for Sequart’s upcoming collection of essays about the Stargate franchise, specifically on how Atlantis failed all three of its commanding officers. This is due at the end of January.

Star Trek. I’ve been talking with IDW about some projects, but right now it’s just talk with nothing concrete anywhere even near the horizon. Still, we’re talking, which is something. I’ve done my work for the RPG module Incident at Kraav III for Star Trek Adventures, which I’ve written in collaboration with Fred Love, and we’re just waiting for the final approval from Modiphius and CBS/Paramount. I’ve got another STA project to do for Modiphius, also. Meantime, I’m continuing the Enterprise Rewatch every Monday and reviewing each episode of most of the Paramount+ shows as they come out (I’m not doing every episode of Prodigy, but I am doing weekly takes on the others, at least so far). In addition, I’ve turned in my manuscript for my monograph on The Next Generation‘s “Birthright” two-parter, and await editorial feedback. Besides the above-mentioned Trek work, I’ve got two more installments in “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” to do the next two weeks in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Eternals. And I will likely continue to do reviews and think-pieces for Tor going forward.

Patreon. The usual craziness on Patreon will continue: monthly movie reviews, semi-regular TV reviews, weekly excerpts from works-in-progress, monthly vignettes featuring my original characters, first looks at first drafts, and TONS AND TONS OF CAT PICTURES. If you’re not supporting my Patreon, why the heck not????????

Yeah, 2022’s gonna be busy…….

irons in the fire update

Here’s what I’m working on….

The Bram Gold Adventures. I’m still halfway through Feat of Clay. It is my hope to finally get back to it in November and finish it by the end of the year so it can, y’know, be published.

Dragon Precinct. Phoenix Precinct has been plotted, though I still need to write a more detailed outline. That’s the next novel to do after Feat of Clay is done.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet. I still have to record the audio of “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” for the story’s Indie GoGo supporters. I also have to write “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” which will be the last story I need to assemble Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which will be published by Plus One Press in 2022. That collection will include all the Cassie stories I’ve written since the 2013 publication of Ragnarok and Roll.

Science fiction novellas project. This hasn’t been announced yet, and I’m also not sure how, exactly, this thing is going to be published, but it’s a series of science fiction novellas I’m writing. This has been a fun project, one that scratches a space-opera itch I haven’t been able to scratch for quite some time (pretty much since I stopped writing Star Trek and Farscape regularly). I just finished the first draft of Book 1 of the series.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness: The Beginning. Now that this has been announced, I can finally talk in detail. The script for issue #1 is done and approved, and we’re waiting on art. Issue #2 is scripted and awaiting approval. Issue #3 is next on the docket now that Book 1 of the novella series is done.

Phenomenons: Every Human Creature. I’ve written my story for this shared-world superhero anthology edited by Michael Jan Friedman, and am waiting for MJF’s feedback on same. It’s called “The Light Shines in the Darkness,” and it’s about a hero named Luminosity who can control the light spectrum.

The Four ??? of the Apocalypse. Still waiting on four stories for this. To be fair, two of them are mine and Wrenn’s. (Oops.) We’ve edited some of the stories, and we’ve gotten the cover art from JK Woodward. Hoping to have this out for Farpoint.

Three Time Travelers Walk Into… I’ll be doing a story for this recently Kickstarted anthology, where my three time travelers will be Mary Shelley, Josh Gibson, and Katherine Johnson.

Super City Cops. At some point, I really need to write the four SCPD novellas I have under contract…

Collaborations with Dr. Munish K. Batra. Our first book, Animal, was published earlier this year, and our agent is shopping around our second, which has the working title of Pigman. Munish has a few ideas for what our third collaboration will be, and I’m waiting on him to send me the proposals for each.

Mystery. I’m really hoping that 2022 will be the year I sit down and write this. I’ve also been saying that for about a decade now. Sigh.

Tie-in novels and comics. I have a proposal in with a publisher for a tie-in novel and I have some pitches in with another publisher for tie-in comics, and I’m talking with another publisher about pitching tie-in novels, though the latter has been slow to respond. All three are licenses I’ve worked in before.

Gold Archive: Birthright. I’ve turned in my first draft of this monograph about the Star Trek: The Next Generation two-parter, and am awaiting editorial feedback. I’m finishing up my Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch, and November will see the launch of the only-once-a-week Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch. I will be continuing to review new Paramount+ shows, as well — next week, I’ll kick off Star Trek: Prodigy, and I’ll be doing the new seasons of Discovery and Picard when they launch, as well as the inaugural season of Strange New Worlds. I’m also planning to do my usual every-six-months revival of “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” in December and January, covering Black Widow, The Suicide Squad, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and The Eternals. (I’m going to hold the December releases, Spider-Man: No Way Home and The King’s Man, for June 2022.)

Patreon. I’m a month behind on vignettes, so I need to catch up there, and I still owe October’s movie review, and I have a bunch of TV shows to talk about: new seasons of What We Do in the Shadows, Lucifer, and Bosch, as well as Only Murders in the Building, and I may want to do a think piece on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which I’ve been rewatching, plus I still haven’t written up Slings and Arrows, The Flash, Giri/Haji, and a bunch of others. The cat pictures, weekly excerpts from works in progress, and first looks at first drafts have been continuing apace.

irons in the fire update

Haven’t done one of these in a while, and there’s lots to do….

Nonfiction thingie. This hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m in the midst of writing a monograph of approximately 30,000 words about a specific episode of a TV show. This is a lot of fun, and it should be done in the next week. Not sure when it’ll be available for sale, or even announced, but keep watching this space……

Tie-in comic book. What was supposed to be a bigger project turned into a smaller one, but I’m writing a five-issue miniseries that’s a tie-in to a nifty license. I’ve written the script for #1 and I’m waiting for approval on it now.

The Four ???? of the Apocalypse. I still have to write my story for this anthology that Wrenn and I are editing, and today is the official due date for the stories. We have 19 of the 28 stories in, four of them I already know will be late (that includes mine), and I’m hoping to see the remaining five by the end of the day. We’re also getting the cover sketch in today. Hoping to have this out in time for Dragon Con. *crosses fingers*

Luminosity story. I’m going to be doing a story for Phenomenons: Every Human Creature, a shared-world superhero anthology that’s in the midst of a crowdfund (check it out! only three days left!), which will feature a Bronx-based hero named Luminosity, a former prosecutor who fights crime with her ability to control the light spectrum.

Tie-in fiction. I have tie-in proposals with two different publishers, both licenses I’ve worked in before. Still waiting to hear back.

Science fiction novellas. I’m working on a series of SF novellas that are sorta-kinda a game tie-in. More on this when it’s announced.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. Wrenn is currently editing “Ragnarok and a Hard Place.” Once I incorporate her changes, I’ll send it back to her to format and it’ll go to the Indie GoGo supporters. After that, I’m going to put together Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which will include all the Cassie stories that weren’t in Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet back in 2013, and which will also likely include one new never-before-seen story, which I still need to write. I’m hoping to have the new collection out in early 2022.

The Bram Gold Adventures. I’m in the midst of Feat of Clay (written the first ten chapters, which is 37,562 words), and I hope to finish it soon and have it out also in early 2022.

Precinct series. After Feat of Clay is done, the next step is Phoenix Precinct.

Collaborations with Dr. Munish K. Batra. Munish and I are currently batting around notions for a sequel to Animal. Our second collaboration, working title Pigman (a medical thriller), is currently making the rounds via our agent. And we have some other ideas we want to work on.

Super City Cops. I’m still under contract to write four novellas in this universe for Falstaff Books. One of these days…..

Time travel story. This will be a nifty story for a fun anthology that I’ll talk about more once the Kickstarter launches……

Nonfiction. Still doing the Voyager Rewatch twice a week for I’ll be reviewing the new Trek shows when their episodes come out, and I have other possible pieces for them. Plus in December, I’ll be reviving the great superhero movie rewatch to cover Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals, The Suicide Squad, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. On Patreon, I plan to review Black Widow as this month’s movie review, and I’ve got a ton of TV to catch up on.

There are other things I’d like to be working on, but this covers the high points, methinks…..

Tuesday’s dead

Busy week. We’re in the home stretch of The Four ???? of the Apocalypse Kickstarter, and we’re 130% funded and hoping to add some nifty stretch goals, not the least of which is a story by Seanan McGuire.

Speaking of crowdfunds, I’m finally working on the second of the two stories I crowdfunded on Indie GoGo ages ago, “Ragnarok and a Hard Place,” which will also be the title of the second collection containing tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet.

Also on the docket this week is to finish a bible for a series of science fiction stories I’ll be doing as a sort-of game tie-in — more on this when it’s announced — and revisions on Pigman, my second collaboration with Dr. Munish K. Batra, which is a medical thriller not related to Animal. Plus there’s the rewatch of Voyager‘s “Spirit Folk,” an episode that is, um, not good.

There’s also medical stuff this week. Yesterday, I had a long overdue appointment with an orthopedist. My knees have sucked since — well, since forever. They were especially bad in my mid-thirties, but then I started doing karate, and they got better, but they were never good, exactly, and lately it’s been worse. X-rays showed no bone damage, so it isn’t that. The ortho told me that the next step would be either physical therapy — which seemed pointless, given that I do karate several times a week, so it probably won’t help much — or an MRI to see what that tells us.

I obviously chose the MRI. It’s my first, and everyone’s telling me that it’s loud and claustrophobic and full of clanking, so there’s that to look forward to……

Friday I get to see a urologist, a direct result of being a male in his 50s. Happy joy.

Wrenn and I have been rewatching Stargate Atlantis, watching a wonderful New Zealand cop show The Brokenwood Mysteries (it’s pretty much a Kiwi Columbo), enjoying the new half-season of Lucifer, and last night we watched the delightful film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play In the Heights. I plan to review Brokenwood, Lucifer, and In the Heights on Patreon this month.

How’s your week going?

irons in the fire update

Buncha things in the creative frying pan, there are…..

The Adventures of Bram Gold. I’m ten chapters and 37,450 words into Feat of Clay, the sequel to A Furnace Sealed. I’m taking a quick pause on it to do some other stuff, but I’m’na dive back in once the calendar flips to March. One of those “other stuffs” is All-the-Way House, a novella for the Systema Paradoxa series about cryptids. ATWH takes place in the same setting as the Bram Gold stories, but will focus on a couple of other Coursers, based in central New Jersey: Valentina Perrone (and her apprentice Sarah el-Guindi) in the present day and Josiah Clevenger in 1909. In addition, another Yolanda Rodriguez story, “Unguarded,” is set to be in the eSpec Books anthology Horns and Halos — just waiting for galleys to proofread on that one.

The “Precinct” series. The next book in the series is Phoenix Precinct. I hope to dive into that in the summer of this year and have it out either by the end of this year or the beginning of next.

Collaborations with Dr. Munish K. Batra. Our first book, Animal, is being marketed quite aggressively, which is fun to watch. We even got an ad in Times Square!

Pretty spiffy, huh? Meantime, I have to revise our second collaboration, a medical thriller tentatively titled Pigman, by the end of the month — gonna work on that this week — and we’re talking about what to do next, which may well be a sequel to Animal. And we’ve got some other notions in the hopper…

Tie-in fiction. These are all things I can’t be specific about: I’m working on three 100-page tie-in graphic novels (which will be released as five-issue miniseries initially). I’ve written the pitches for all three and a detailed outline for Book 1, and they’re with the licensor for approval right now. I’ve submitted a tie-in novel pitch to a publisher, and three pitches for tie-in short stories for an anthology to another publisher. Waiting to hear on all three of these projects. I can say that all three are universes I’ve worked in before.

Star Trek Adventures. I’ve turned in the first draft of a role-playing game adventure “Incident at Kraav III.” Still waiting for feedback from Modiphius.

Ayesha. I’ve written “In Earth and Sky and Sea Strange Things There Be,” my story for Turning the Tied, the charity anthology of public-domain tie-in stories for the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. My story features Ayesha, the titular She in H. Rider Haggard’s 19th-century adventure novel. Waiting for the galleys to come in for proofing.

The Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman ’66. I’ve written my essay for the second book in this series, BIFF! BAM! EEE-YOW!, which is on “Hizzoner the Penguin”/”Dizzoner the Penguin.” For this, too, I’m awaiting galleys to proofread. And I’ve been officially invited to participate in the third book. Just gotta figure out which season three episode I want to ask to write about.

Short story. There was an open call for an anthology that I decided to write a story for. I just wrote it yesterday. It’s less than 2500 words, but it was fun to write. It’s with The Mom for her Editorial Red Pen of Doom, and once she’s torn it apart, I’ll submit it.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. I still have to write “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” for the late 2019 crowdfund I did for it and “The Gorvangin Rampages.” Sigh. Blame the current apocalypse. Anyhow, once that’s done I should have enough material for a second Cassie collection, which will also be called Ragnarok and a Hard Place, and will be published by Plus One Press.

Super City Cops. Still have four novellas under contract with Falstaff Books. Will write them at some point.

Patreon. I’ve got 16 TV shows to review for Patreon, still, plus I’m in the midst of watching ten others, so I’ve got my work cut out for me there. And I’ll be reviewing Space Sweepers for February’s review, plus I may throw in a bonus review of Big Night. Plus there will be the usual stuff on Patreon, including this month’s vignette, which I have no idea what it’ll be….. The Voyager Rewatch will continue for most of this year, after which I will tackle Enterprise. If any Trek TV shows debut this year, I’ll review them as well. I was hoping to review each episode of WandaVision, but behind-the-scenes production issues are limiting me to writing a couple of think-pieces, one of which went up after episode 4, and the second of which will go up once the season is done. (Having said that, Emmett Asher-Perrin is, as always, doing a fantastic job with their reviews of the episodes.) I’m hoping to review each episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but we’ll see. I’m also hoping to review Justice League: The Snyder Cut when it comes out. And come June, I will revive “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” to cover whatever such movies actually get released (at the very least, I will cover Wonder Woman 1984).

irons in the fire update

Here’s what needs doin’…..

The Bram Gold Adventures. Tomorrow I’m going to start writing Feat of Clay, the sequel to 2019’s A Furnace Sealed. I’m hoping to do at least a thousand words a day every day moving forward. We’ll see if that works. In addition, I’ve written a Yolanda Rodriguez story “Unguarded” for Horns and Halos. Waiting for the galleys on that one. I also will be writing a novella that will be set in the same world as this, but I’m not sure if it’ll feature Bram or Yolanda or neither.

Dragon Precinct universe. After I’m done with Feat of Clay, the plan is to dive into Phoenix Precinct.

Collaborations with Dr. Munish K. Batra. Our first collaboration, Animal, is available for preorder, and we just sent our second, Pigman, off to our agent. We’re trying to figure out what our next one will be, either another standalone, or possibly a sequel to Animal.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. I still have to write “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” at some point, since it’s been crowdfunded (although you can still support it if you want!). Once that’s done, I’ll have enough stories to do a second Cassie collection, which will also be called Ragnarok and a Hard Place, and which will include “Down to the Waterline,” “William Did It,” “Rán for Your Life,” “Fish Out of Water,” “Seven-Mile Race,” “Behind the Wheel,” and “Ragnarok and a Hard Place,” plus all the vignettes I’ve written for Patreon, and maybe — maybe — a story that’s original to the collection as well.

Sooper seekrit tie-in project. This is a three-part project, and I’ve written the outline for the first portion and sent it to my editor. We’ll see if she likes it, and if so, if the licensor goes for it.

Turning the Tied. I’ve written my Ayesha story, “In Earth and Sky and Sea Strange Things There Be” for this charity anthology, and am waiting for editorial feedback.

Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman ’66. I’ve written my essay for Volume 2 of this series, which looks at “Hizzoner the Penguin”/”Dizzoner the Penguin.” Specifically, I wrote a transcript of the debate between the two mayoral candidates, Batman and the Penguin. Still waiting for galleys on that one. And then I’m hoping to contribute to Volume 3 — waiting for confirmation from the editor that I will be.

Tie-in projects. I have three possible tie-in projects in the hopper — two that I’ve been tentatively invited to work on, and I’m in the research phase for them (one is a novella, the other a novel), while the third is for a novel, for which I’ve sent in a proposal on spec.

Super City Cops. I’m still under contract to do four SCC novellas for Falstaff Books. Some day, I may even write them!

Star Trek Adventures. I’ve written the first draft of a Klingon-focused STA adventure called “Incident at Kraav III,” and am awaiting editorial feedback.

Mystery novel. My laughable goal for 2021 is to finally write this.

Patreon and For Patreon, I’ve mostly been good about getting up at least two TV reviews per month and have stayed steady with both vignettes and movie reviews the last couple months. We’ll see if I can keep it up. As for, the Voyager Rewatches are continuing twice a week (though I’ll be taking the time between Christmas as New Year’s off, as will all of save for time-specific reviews), the Discovery reviews will continue when each new episode comes out, and also on the 11th and 18th of December, I’ll be reviving “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” to take a look at The Old Guard and The New Mutants.

Other stuff. I have some other ideas percolating in my brain meats, plus Wrenn and I still want to launch our nifty new thing soon…..

my Sunday feeling

On this day eleven years ago, after a whole bunch of fighting, the event in the above picture happened: Shuseki Shihan Paul (he was Shihan Paul then) tied a black belt on me for the first time.

It still doesn’t feel entirely real over a decade later. Being physically fit was never really a big part of my self-image, even though I’ve been a martial artist for almost a third of my life now.

My Facebook memories over the past week or so has been full of black belt stuff, as not only was my shodan promotion eleven years ago, but my sandan promotion was three years ago. (My nidan promotion happened in March, seven years ago.)

I’m still training during the apocalypse. Our dojo did classes over Zoom over the spring, and then in mid-summer switched to hybrid classes — people can train in the dojo wearing masks and keeping their distance from the other students, or they can continue to train over Zoom. I’ve been sticking with the latter option, as I’m perfectly fine training from home over the laptop, and I’d rather leave the few spaces in the dojo to people who can’t train online for whatever reason.

And I’m teaching again! Two people have requested private lessons, and I’ve been teaching them — one an advanced brown belt kid who needs to learn a ton of stuff at this level, the other a white belt who moved far away but still wants to train, and I can work with her over Zoom quite nicely.

Meantime, the writing continues apace. I’m finishing up a campaign for the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game, I have a new project that I need to write up some pitches for, I have to outline the next Bram Gold book, finally, and I need to do a bunch of things for Patreon before the month ends (I’m massively backlogged on TV reviews, I have to write this month’s movie review — of Vampires vs. the Bronx — and I have to write this month’s vignette).

Also had socially distant dinners with my parents two of the last three nights, which is getting more challenging as we go into fall and it gets too cold to eat outside. We may go back to what we did in the spring and do dinners over Zoom.

This week will also see me and Wrenn voting. Early voting started in NYC this weekend, and the lines have been incredibly long. We’re hoping that three days in and on a weekday, the lines will be shorter. Certainly our early-voting place had a line that went on for several blocks.

I can’t emphasize this enough: VOTE. It’s always important, but it’s particularly important this year. People died so every citizen could have the right to have a voice in their government. You should exercise that right.

How was your weekend?

a good week…..

There are a number of reasons why this is a good week, most of which are personal and therefore not fodder for my blog, but one of them is professional–

–and I still can’t talk about it in any depth, because part of it involves a non-disclosure agreement that I just signed. However, what I can say is that an editor e-mailed me out of the blue to ask if I was interested in a tie-in gig, I was, in fact, interested in the gig, we e-mailed back and forth about various things, and now it looks like I’m doing the thing.

I look forward to being able to talk about it at some point in the future. For now, though, it’s just nice to have been approached for a project like this. There have been many times over the past few years where I was genuinely concerned about getting tie-in work, as that’s really what pays the bills, more than the original stuff. (The latter may change if someone decides to pay me large sums of money to develop some of the original stuff into a TV show or movie or game or something, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I’m not exactly holding my breath, as blue isn’t my color.) I’ve only really had three tie-in projects over the past few years, one of which wound up not going anywhere after more than two years of work (though I did get compensated for the work I did), the other two of which were a single Alien novel and some Star Trek Adventures stuff.

In this shit year in particular, it’s very easy to fall into despairing tendencies and think that everything sucks. So this was very very very very very happy-making.

irons in the fire update


Writing fiction has proven difficult since this whole coronavirus thing came crashing down on us. I’ve written all of 179 words of fiction in the last week and a half. And I’ve got two projects I’ve been behind on for months, and I’m now even more behind, and ARRRRGH!

Anyhow, I’m doing one of these for the first time in forever, mostly to keep myself honest.

To Hell and RegroupThis collaboration with David Sherman on the final book of his “18th Race” trilogy is almost done. I have a couple of chapters to go, then I can finally get it out the door. Originally this was to debut at Balticon, but that con has obviously been cancelled. How-some-ever, there should be a Kickstarter for this soonish, and it will be published by eSpec Books.

Collaborative thrillers. Still seeking a publisher for the first of these. I’m most of the way through the second one — another one I should’ve finished ages ago. Sigh. This timeline sucks.

“Materfamilias.” My story for Bad Ass Moms, which needs to be done — well, now, but will be done, um, soon. Sigh.

“The Gorvangin Rampages” and “Ragnarok and a Hard Place.” These two stories — which you can still support on Indie GoGo and get cool rewards! — are next on the docket after the above three are done.

Bram Gold Book 2. I have a plot for the sequel to A Furnace Sealed, but not a title yet. My working title is Life from Lifelessness, but my publisher convinced me that it was a lousy title for a novel. (He didn’t have to work very hard to convince me, mind you.) Anyhow, that needs to be written.

Phoenix PrecinctThe next Precinct book also has a plot, and just needs me to write it.

Gaming tie-in. This project has been going on for almost two years now, and still hasn’t been released yet, as everyone wants everything to be just right. I’ve written drafts of the first two installments, and am waiting for more feedback from the game company on both that and on the outline for the third. This is both the benefit and frustration with coordination among multiple tie-ins (there are several other projects connected to this game, and they’re all to be consistent with each other), as there are constant adjustments due to changes in other aspects. Kudos to the game folks for keeping all the balls in the air…

“Journalistic Integrity.” This story for the third volume of the Pangaea shared-world anthology is all done and revised to the editor’s specifications, and the book should be out, um, soon from Crazy 8 Press.

The Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman ’66I contributed an essay to the first volume of this series, ZLONK! ZOK! ZOWIE!, which will be out very shortly. My piece is about “Fine Feathered Finks”/”The Penguin’s a Jinx,” the inaugural Penguin episode, in which I focus primarily on that episode’s lampooning of the still-relatively-new-in-1966 concept of prison reform. I’m scheduled to write another essay for the second volume, BIFF! BAM! EE-YOW! Just as Z!Z!Z! covered season one, B!B!E! will cover season two.

Patreon stuff. I’m very far behind on the vignettes and on the TV and movie reviews for Patreon. Once I’m done with the two novels that are almost done, I plan to do a ton of content in that regard. stuff. Still doing two Voyager rewatch entries per week. With Picard ending, I’ve only got one more piece to do — the first-season overview — and then nothing else specifically scheduled for Tor beyond Voyager until Discovery season 3 starts, though I have some vague ideas for possible standalone articles.

I think that’s everything. For now…..


belated irons in the fire update


I generally do these monthly updates for me as much as I do for you, the reader of my blog. I noticed I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused, and then I realized I hadn’t actually done an IITFU for February. Oops. So let’s go….

Alien. I’ve done a second draft of Isolation, which is with my editor. Still need notes from 20th Century Fox, who will review it once my editor finishes going over the second draft. I assume the book is still on track to be published in July.

Game tie-in novellas. This still hasn’t been formally announced yet, but I’m doing a series of serialized novellas to tie into a videogame. This week’s task is to revise the first of those novellas to account for some changes made to the still-in-development MMORPG based on the game world that I need to incorporate into the story. Right now I’ve got more than a dozen of these novellas plotted out, so this’ll keep me busy for a while.

Precinct series. Mermaid Precinct is done. Some copies were available at Farpoint, the eBooks have been sent to Kickstarter supporters, and the hard copies will go to KS supporters soon. I also have to do various rewards for the last three Kickstarters (sigh), and stuff. You can also get a Precinct story in Release the Virgins! And at some point I need to start writing Phoenix Precinct.

The Adventures of Bram Gold. A Furnace Sealed is out! You should buy it! And I will probably need to write Book 2 at some point………..

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. The latest Cassie story, “Rán for Your Life,” has been accepted for the anthology Unearthed, edited by Kara Dennison for Alitrix Books. I’ve also got a handshake agreement with Plus One Press to do a second collection, to be entitled Ragnarok and a Hard Place. It will include the as-yet uncollected stories “Down to the Waterline,” “Fish Out of Water,” “William Did It,” “Seven-Mile Race,” “Behind the Wheel,” and “Rán for Your Life,” with more besides.

Super City Cops. I’m under contract to do four novellas for Falstaff Books, which I’ll be writing at some point this year.

Collaborative thrillers. Agent is flogging the first of these thrillers, and I’m plugging away at the second. I’ve also agreed to write two more after that with my collaborator.

18th Race. Also plugging away at the third book in the trilogy by David Sherman. David wrote the first two and outlined the third, but is unable to finish it due to health reasons (nothing life-threatening, worry not), so I’m finishing the book based on that outline.

Various short stories. I’ve been invited to eight anthologies recently. Besides the above-mentioned Unearthed, there’s also Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals & Gizmos, Thrilling Adventure Yarns, In Harm’s Way, Footprints in the Stars, a Predator anthology, a Beatles anthology, and next year’s Crazy 8 Press anthology. I’ve written the stories for the first three (respectively, “Rán for Your Life,” “The Silent Dust,” and “Alien Invasion of Earth!”), and I have to write the other five by, respectively, early March, the end of April, and early next year three times over.

Nonfiction. Still reviewing Discovery each time a new episode drops, still writing other things for both and Patreon, and still doing the great superhero movie rewatch.