midweek music: “Polymorph Your Mother”

The Boogie Knights were formed in 1982, a silly parody band that did fantasy, horror, or historical takes on popular songs — kind of the Weird Al of the RenFest set. I joined the group on percussion in 2006. This past weekend at Shore Leave was the band’s 40th anniversary (their first gig was Shore Leave in ’82), and in honor of the occasion, Dave Keefer wrote new verses for one of the band’s first-ever songs. Herewith, the 40th anniversary edition of “Polymorph Your Mother.”

(Click here for the entire set we did Saturday morning at SL…..)

midweek music: “Duke of Earl”

One of my favorite a cappella groups is the Canadian band the Nylons. They’ve gone through a number of members of the years, and only one of the four founding members is still alive (one died of AIDS in 1991, sadly, while still active with the band; the other three retired from the band and died more recently), but they’ve remained a great group throughout their run from 1978 until their farewell tour in 2016. Here’s their stupendous cover of “Duke of Earl.”

midweek music: “The Weight”

Here’s another from Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band in 1989: a lovely version of “The Weight.” Besides Levon Helm and Rick Danko doing their vocals, just like on The Band’s original, we’ve got Dr. John playing fabulous piano (and also singing a verse) and a beautiful guitar intro by Nils Lofgren. Oh, and for this particular concert, another former Band member, Garth Hudson, plays the accordion!