midweek music: “Sweet Home Chicago”

Robert Johnson is one of the greatest blues musicians that ever was. It’s safe to say that many rock-and-rollers owe their careers to Johnson — Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, The Who, and many others were hugely influenced by Johnson, just for starters. The story is that he sold his soul to the devil to become a great guitarist, which has been the stuff of legend and fiction forever. (I myself used it in one of my Cassie Zukav stories, “I Believe I’m Sinkin’ Down,” and Supernatural made use of the legend in the episode “Crossroad Blues.”) Here’s a song that has become a standard at home games of Windy City sports teams, “Sweet Home Chicago.”

midweek music: “Boom Boom”

There are billions of versions of this John Lee Hooker song, and yes, this is another one — by Hooker himself, in a concert from the year I was born, 1969. Just a beautiful version of “Boom Boom,” backed by a stellar band that includes Sunnyland Slim on piano, Johnny Shines on the guitar, Clifton James on the drums, and the great Willie Dixon on the upright bass.