worlds in which I’ve written

This was inspired by a post I wrote on the TrekBBS……

Here’s a list of all the worlds I’ve written in.


  • Alien — 1 short story, 1 novelization
  • BattleTech — 2 short stories
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer — 2 novels, 1 novelization, 1 reference book
  • Cars — 4 comic books
  • Command & Conquer — 1 novel
  • CSI: NY — 1 novel
  • DC — 2 reference books
  • Doctor Who — 3 short stories
  • Dungeons & Dragons — 1 novel
  • Farscape — 1 novel, 3 short stories, 48 comic books
  • Darkness Falls — 1 novelization
  • Gargantua — 1 novelization
  • Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda — 1 novel
  • Heroes — 1 novella
  • Kung Fu Panda — 1 comic book
  • Leverage — 1 novel
  • Magic: The Gathering — 1 short story
  • Marvel — 5 novels, 5 short stories
  • Night of the Living Dead — 1 short story
  • Orphan Black — 1 reference book
  • Resident Evil — 3 novelizations, 5 comic books
  • Serenity — 1 novelization
  • Sleepy Hollow — 1 novel
  • Star Trek — 16 novels, 13 novellas, 6 comic books, 7 short stories, 2 role-playing game books, 1 reference book
  • StarCraft — 1 novel, 1 comic book
  • Stargate SG-1 — 1 novel, 2 short stories
  • Supernatural — 3 novels, 1 reference book
  • World of Warcraft — 1 novel
  • The X-Files — 1 short story
  • Xena — 1 short story
  • Young Hercules — 2 novels
  • Zorro — 1 short story


  • Limbus Inc. — 1 novella
  • Pangaea — 1 short story
  • Phenomenons — 1 short story
  • Scattered Earth — 1 novel
  • V-Wars — 2 short stories
  • Viral — 1 novella


  • Dr. Munish K. Batra’s “Animal” — 1 novel
  • Mack Bolan’s “The Executioner” — 2 novels
  • H. Rider Haggard’s “She” — 1 short story
  • Jonathan Maberry’s “Joe Ledger” — 1 short story
  • David Sherman’s “18th Race” — 1 novel
  • Gregory Wilson’s “Icarus” — 1 comic book


  • Cliff’s End Castle Guard (Dragon Precinct, etc.) — 5 novels, 18 short stories, 11 vignettes
  • The Bram Gold Adventures (also featuring Yolanda Rodriguez & Valentina Perrone) — 1 novel, 3 short stories, 13 vignettes
  • Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet — 13 short stories, 1 novella, 10 vignettes
  • Super City Cops — 1 novel, 3 novellas, 3 short stories, 11 vignettes
  • Shirley Holmes & Jack Watson — 2 short stories, 4 vignettes
  • Connie de la Vega — 2 short stories
  • The Human Finder — 1 short story

More will be added to at least one of these lists this year….

now available for preorder: Phenomenons: Every Human Creature

You can now preorder Phenomenons: Every Human Creature, the nifty-keeno new shared-world superhero anthology soon to be released by Crazy 8 Press!

Conceived by New York Times best-selling author Michael Jan Friedman, this is a superhero universe not quite like anything you’ve ever seen.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • “Salvaged” by Michael Jan Friedman
  • “Salt for Gold” by Mary Fan
  • “The Light Shines in the Darkness” by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • “Red Sky in Mourning” by Michael A. Burstein
  • “Stealing Home” by Aaron Rosenberg
  • “First Op” by Robert Greenberger
  • “<null>” by Glenn Hauman
  • “The Primacy of Gravity” by Paul Kupperberg
  • “Taking Charge” by Heather E. Hutsell
  • “Tiny Lives Writ Large” by Dan Hernandez
  • “The Jungle” by Ron Marz
  • “Going for the Gold” by Peter David
  • “Lipstick Lilly versus Electric Lady in the ‘Land” by Marie Vibbert
  • “Dheeb” by Ilsa J. Bick
  • “ROI, Part 1: Pigs in a Blanket” by Russ Colchamiro & Hildy Silverman
  • “ROI, Part 2: Feint of Heart” by Russ Colchamiro & Hildy Silverman
  • “The Last Rambler” by Geoffrey Thorne
  • “The Return” by Michael Jan Friedman

The stories feature lots of cool heroes: Black Hat, Colosa & Particula, the Grey Guardsman, Lipstick Lilly, Luminosity, null, Professor Paracelsus, the Ramblers, Sarcastic Fringehead, Syntax, Torque, Zig Zag, and lots more!

My story is about Luminosity, a Bronx-based superhero who used to be an assistant district attorney, and now defends the people of the Boogie-Down. When members of the Bronx Bruisers, a super-powered gang, start trashing small businesses on St. Ann’s Avenue, Luminosity — who can manipulate the entire light spectrum — must stop them while her best friend De’Andra Jones must figure out who’s behind the Bruisers’ attacks.

My story also ties into the stories before and after it, as well. It was fun coordinating stuff with Mary and Michael…..

Check the book out!

what’s coming in 2022

A reminder that this post is regularly updated with my bibliography. You can see all the billions of things I’ve written over the years there. It’s currently updated with everything for 2022 that I’m allowed to talk about. Here’s a bunch of it:

Feat of Clay

Book 2 of the Bram Gold Adventures, I’m only halfway through the manuscript, but it’s on the docket to be completed by springtime. In fact, my current goal is to have it done by my birthday, which means WordFire should be putting it out in the fall at the latest. The book will involve the golem that killed Bram’s parents being reanimated, and he’s hired to find out who did it — by the guy who animated it ten years ago and got his parents killed. Plus, there’s this dragon…

The book will also include as a bonus all the Bram Gold, Yolanda Rodriguez, and Valentina Perrone vignettes I’ve written for Patreon.

Phoenix Precinct

Depending on how things go, this may not be until 2023 — it’ll partly depend on when I finish it, partly depend on the rest of eSpec Books’s schedule — but I’m hoping to at least have the next book in my fantasy police procedural series written this year……

Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet

The long-awaited second collection of urban fantasy tales set in Key West, Florida featuring scuba diving, Norse gods, rock and roll music, folklore, and beer drinking (not necessarily in that order) will include:

  • “Fish Out of Water” (originally published in Out of Tune in 2014)
  • “Down to the Waterline” (originally published in Buzzy Mag in 2015)
  • “Seven-Mile Race” (originally published in Without a License in 2015)
  • “William Did It” (originally published on in 2015, and also in A Baker’s Dozen of Magic in 2016)
  • “Behind the Wheel” (originally published in TV Gods: Summer Programming in 2017)
  • “Rán for Your Life” (originally published in Unearthed in 2019)
  • “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” (originally released to Indie GoGo supporters in 2021)
  • “Stop Dragon My Heart Around” (new to this collection)
  • all the Cassie vignettes I’ve done on Patreon

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness–The Beginning

This five-issue comic book I’m writing is a prequel to the Netflix animated series, and will be out from TokyoPop later this year, focusing on the Leon Kennedy character.

Star Trek Adventures

In collaboration with Fred Love, I’ve written a Klingon adventure for this role-playing game called “Incident at Kraav III,” that will hopefully be out this year.

The Four ???? of the Apocalypse

The inaugural project from Whysper Wude, this anthology edited by me and Wrenn Simms will feature some great stories by some great authors, plus also one by me, about the four septuagenarians of the apocalypse, called “What Do You Want from Me, I’m Old?”

Tales of Capes and Cowls

My Super City Cops story “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will be in this C.T. Phipps-edited Crossroad Press anthology this year.

Three Time Travelers Walk Into…

This nifty anthology from Fantastic Books and editor extraordinaire Michael A. Ventrella will have my Mary Shelley/Katherine Johnson/Josh Gibson story, tentatively entitled “What You Can Become Tomorrow.”

The Fans are Buried Tales

This delightful anthology from Peter David and Crazy 8 Press will have cosplayers telling stories in character. Mine is called “Carpet Bomb.” Be afraid….

Phenomenons: Every Human Creature

This shared-world anthology of superhero stories conceived and edited by mighty Michael Jan Friedman will have a mess of nifty superhero tales, including my own “The Light Shines in the Darkness.” I must confess to being ridiculously excited about this particular universe that Mike’s created, and I really hope it takes off so I can revisit it.

OOOFF! BOFF! SPLATT!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66–Season Three

I’ll be contributing a piece to this latest look at Adam West’s Batman, tentatively entitled “Watching the Detectives,” about the final episode, “Minerva, Millionaires, and Mayhem.”

The Gold Archive: Birthright

Obverse Books’s The Gold Archive is a series of monographs about various Star Trek episodes, and I’ll be doing the one focused on the “Birthright” two-parter from The Next Generation season 6, discussing Worf and Data as breakout characters, Daddy issues, the importance of storytelling in a culture, and other cool stuff.

Stargate essay anthology

Sequart is putting out an essay collection about the Stargate franchise, and I’ll be contributing an essay about how Atlantis didn’t always do right by its three leaders.

The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch will continue every Monday, the reviews of new Star Trek shows will continue apace for the most part, and “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” will get a periodic revival.


I will continue to do monthly movie reviews, regular TV reviews, and monthly vignettes on this site for patrons, so you should definitely support it!

irons in the fire update

Got lots of stuff in the works!

Science fiction novellas project. Not quite ready to talk about this publicly yet, but this series of serialized SF novellas is proceeding apace. I’ve written the first two novellas of a thirteen-installment “season,” with more likely to come after that.

The Bram Gold Adventures. Still need to get back to Feat of Clay, which remains halfway done. I’m hoping that this is the month when that finally happens. We’ll see. I’ve also been cogitating on doing another Systema Paradoxa novella, featuring either Bram or Valentina Perrone (or maybe Yolanda Rodriguez).

The Precinct books. After Feat of Clay is done, I need to write Phoenix Precinct.

Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet. I still owe Indie GoGo supporters an audio of “Ragnarok and a Hard Place,” which is on this week’s to-do list. I have to write “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” which will be the only never-before-published-in-any-way story in Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, which will also include the aforementioned title story, as well as “Down to the Waterline,” “William Did It,” “Rán for Your Life,” “Fish Out of Water,” “Seven-Mile Race,” “Behind the Wheel,” and all the Cassie vignettes I’ve written for Patreon. Once the dragon story’s done, I’ll turn the manuscript in to Plus One Press.

Super City Cops. I still have four novellas under contract with Falstaff Books. I should probably write them at some point. Meantime, I’ve written “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for Capes and Cowls, which will be out soon from Crossroad Press.

Short stories. One of this week’s goals is to finish my story for Three Time Travelers Walk Into…, which will feature Mary Shelley, Josh Gibson, and Katherine Johnson. I’ve turned in two stories for a couple of Crazy 8 Press anthologies that will be out this year: “The Light Shines in the Darkness,” which I hope is the first of many stories for the superhero shared universe created by Michael Jan Friedman that will start in Phenomenons: Every Human Creature; and “Carpet Bomb” for Peter David’s The Fans are Buried Tales.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness — The Beginning. I’ve written four of the five scripts for this — hoping to get #5 done this week. The art on #1 is being worked on, and we’re still waiting for final approval of the scripts for #2-4.

OOOFF! BOFF! SPLATT!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66–Season Three. Also on this week’s agenda is to finish my writeup of the final episode of Adam West’s Batman, “Minerva, Mayhem, and Millionaires” for this essay collection.

The Four ???? of the Apocalypse. Wrenn and I have fumbled the ball a bit on this one, and we’re also waiting on four of the authors (two of whom are, um, me and Wrenn) to write their stories, but this will be out this spring. We hope.

Stargate essay anthology. I’m writing a piece for Sequart’s upcoming collection of essays about the Stargate franchise, specifically on how Atlantis failed all three of its commanding officers. This is due at the end of January.

Star Trek. I’ve been talking with IDW about some projects, but right now it’s just talk with nothing concrete anywhere even near the horizon. Still, we’re talking, which is something. I’ve done my work for the RPG module Incident at Kraav III for Star Trek Adventures, which I’ve written in collaboration with Fred Love, and we’re just waiting for the final approval from Modiphius and CBS/Paramount. I’ve got another STA project to do for Modiphius, also. Meantime, I’m continuing the Enterprise Rewatch every Monday and reviewing each episode of most of the Paramount+ shows as they come out (I’m not doing every episode of Prodigy, but I am doing weekly takes on the others, at least so far). In addition, I’ve turned in my manuscript for my monograph on The Next Generation‘s “Birthright” two-parter, and await editorial feedback. Besides the above-mentioned Trek work, I’ve got two more installments in “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” to do the next two weeks in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Eternals. And I will likely continue to do reviews and think-pieces for Tor going forward.

Patreon. The usual craziness on Patreon will continue: monthly movie reviews, semi-regular TV reviews, weekly excerpts from works-in-progress, monthly vignettes featuring my original characters, first looks at first drafts, and TONS AND TONS OF CAT PICTURES. If you’re not supporting my Patreon, why the heck not????????

Yeah, 2022’s gonna be busy…….

a nice review of Supernatural: Nevermore

Starting 2022 with a new review of an old book! Connor J. Sheffield, of the Media Mallrat site, misses Supernatural since it came to an end in 2020, and has decided to seek out the tie-in novels, starting with the very first one, my very own Nevermore, which came out in 2007. Check out his review!

An excerpt:

Keith R.A. DeCandido is a prolific author in the world of TV, Film, and Videogame tie in novels as well as adaptations, so it’s no surprise that this book is so on point with Kripke’s work. This book is just one in a whole library of DeCandido’s work that proves that he is certainly one of the best writers out there for adapting the films, shows, and games we all know and love, be it Star Wars, Resident Evil , Supernatural, or something else, he quickly became a name I look out for when looking to expand my tie-in novels collection.

a nice review of A Time for War, a Time for Peace

On the Roqoo Depot blog, Jonathan Koan has written a very nice review of my 2004 Star Trek novel A Time for War, a Time for Peace, which wrapped up a nine-book storyline. He gave it 4.5 out of 5, which is a very nice rating…

An excerpt:

The strength of this book is it’s dive into politics. This book analyzes politics in the Star Trek universe in a similar way to The West Wing. We follow a campaign and election cycle as Nanietta Bacco and Arafel Pagro vie for the Presidency of the Federation. We see how their aides place them in situations to make them look their best and position them with the people who will get them the most votes. If you’re a fan of action, there isn’t a ton in this book, if you’re a fan of politics, you’ll love this book. 

stuff of mine what came out this year

Since we’ve hit December, and also since Devilish and Divine was officially released today, here’s a look back at all the things I wrote that were published in this calendar year of 2021.

Systema Paradoxa Volume 4: All-the-Way House, a tale of the Jersey Devil, set in the same urban fantasy universe as the Bram Gold Adventures. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indie Bound, direct from publisher)

“Unguarded” in Devilish and Divine, an adventure of Yolanda Rodriguez as she deals with guardian angels from two different faiths, also set in the same urban fantasy universe as the Bram Gold Adventures. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indie Bound, direct from publisher)

“Ragnarok and a Hard Place: A Tale of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet,” a major event in the life of Cassie Zukav, as Odin and Loki return from the dead just in time for the end of the world. (Available only to Indie GoGo supporters for now)

“Transcript of the Mayoral Debate between Batman and the Penguin” in BIFF! BAM! EEE-YOW!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66–Season Two, my take on “Hizzoner the Penguin”/”Dizzoner the Penguin.” (Amazon, Indie Bound)

Down These Mean Streets in Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Omnibus, a reprint of my 2005 Spider-Man novel in which a gamma-irradiated designer drug hits the streets of New York, included in a book with Spidey novels from the same era by Jim Butcher and Christopher L. Bennett. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indie Bound, direct from publisher)

“Mitch Pileggi Gets a Call from His Agent in 2000” in Outside In Wants to Believe: 156 New Perspectives on 156 X-Files Universe Stories by 156 Writers, my take on The Lone Gunmen‘s episode “The Lying Game.” (direct from publisher)

Animal (written with Munish K. Batra, MD, FACS), a thriller about a serial killer who targets people who harm animals. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, direct from publisher)

“In Earth and Sky and Sea Strange Things There Be” in Turning the Tied, a story featuring the immortal Ayesha, the title character in H. Rider Haggard’s She. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, direct from publisher)

Here’s what I wrote for this year:

  • concluding the Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch, covering the last few episodes of the fourth season as well as the fifth through seventh seasons
  • commencing the Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch, covering the first few episodes of the series
  • reviews of each episode of the second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks
  • reviews of the end of the third season and start of the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery
  • a review of the first couple of episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy
  • two think-pieces on WandaVision
  • reviews of each episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as a brief history of the two characters in the comics
  • a review of Jupiter’s Legacy
  • installments of “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” looking at Wonder Woman 1984, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Black Widow, The Suicide Squad, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Here’s what I wrote for my Patreon this year:

  • a look at the Star Trek announcements made on “First Contact Day”
  • reviews of the movies Batman: Soul of the Dragon, Black Widow, Coming to America, Coming 2 America, Eternals, The Great White Hype, In the Heights, The Karate Kid, Luca, Moonstruck, Rookie of the Year, The Sandlot, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Space Sweepers, The Suicide Squad, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • reviews of the TV shows Animal Kingdom, Avenue 5, Bonding, Bosch, The Boys, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cobra Kai, Kingdom, The Kominsky Method, Leverage: Redemption, Lucifer, Murdoch Mysteries, The Newsroom, Queens of Mystery, Sports Night, The West Wing, What We Do in the Shadows, and You’re the Worst
  • the Bram Gold/Yolanda Rodriguez/Valentina Perrone vignettes “I Ain’t Afraid’a No Ghosts,” “Balaguer’s Hat,” “Trick or Treat,” and “Cryptid Christmas”
  • the Cassie Zukav vignette “Newport Folk Festival”
  • the Dragon Precinct vignettes “Existential Crisis” and “Collegium Days.”
  • the Super City Cops vignettes “Collateral Damage,” “Nursing Home Murder,” and “Former Badass”
  • the Shirley Holmes & Jack Watson vignette “Thanksplanning”

happy book birthday to Devilish and Divine!

Today is the official on-sale date for Devilish and Divine. Originally titled Horns and Halos, this anthology, which was successfully Kickstarted last year with several other eSpec Books titles, features stories of angels and demons by a nifty lineup, including:

  • Danielle Ackley-McPhail (who co-edited the anthology)
  • Michael A. Black
  • Christopher J. Burke
  • James Chambers
  • Russ Colchamiro
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido (hey, that’s me!)
  • John L. French (who co-edited the anthology)
  • John G. Hartness
  • Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg
  • Hildy Silverman
  • Michelle D. Sonnier
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Robert E. Waters

My story, “Unguarded,” takes place in the same urban fantasy universe as the novels A Furnace Sealed, All-the-Way House, and the forthcoming Feat of Clay and the short stories “Under the King’s Bridge” and “Materfamilias.” Like the latter story, which was in 2020’s Bad Ass Moms, “Unguarded” features Yolanda Rodriguez, a Courser who works in upper Manhattan, aided by her two teenage daughters. In this case, one of her daughter’s classmates is having an epic run of bad luck, and there may be a supernatural component. It’s a story of guardian angels from two different faiths.

The book is on sale from all the usual online book dealers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble (trade paperback or Nook), Kobo, Indie Bound, and directly from eSpec.

gratuitous cover post!

A mess of my recent and upcoming covers…..

Systema Paradoxa: All-the-Way House
Devilish and Divine (with my short story “Unguarded”)
ZLONK! ZOK! ZOWIE!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66–Season One (with my essay “Tropes Abandoned, Tropes as Yet Unseen”)
BIFF! BAM! EEE-YOW!: The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66–Season Two (with my essay “Transcript of the Mayoral Debate Between Batman and the Penguin”)
Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Omnibus (with my novel Down These Mean Streets)
Outside In Wants to Believe: 156 New Perspectives on 156 X-Files Universe Stories by 156 Writers (with my essay “Mitch Pileggi Gets a Call from His Agent in 2000”)
Turning the Tied (with my short story “In Earth and Sky and Sea Strange Things There Be”)

now on sale: Outside In Wants to Believe

Now available from the fine folks at ATB Publishing: Outside In Wants to Believe: 156 New Perspectives on 156 X-Files Universe Stories by 156 Writers. Edited by the mighty Stacey Smith?, this is 156 think-pieces on each episode of the seventh through eleventh seasons of The X-Files, the XF feature film I Want to Believe, and the complete runs of the related series Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, and Harsh Realm. (This is the followup to last year’s Outside In Trusts No One, which covered the first six season of XF, as well as the movie Fight the Future and all of Kolchak the Night Stalker.)

My own contribution was about the LG episode “The Lying Game,” which is entitled “Mitch Pileggi Gets a Call from His Agent in 2000.”

Check it out!