talkin’ The Art of the Impossible on Bound by Honor

The 44th episode of the Bound by Honor podcast run by the Klingon Assault Group is live. Ja’Jim (really Jim Arrowood) and Jorn discuss my 2003 Star Trek: The Lost Era novel The Art of the Impossible, which I have oft-considered my best novel, covering eighteen years of history involving a cold war between the Klingons and Cardassians, with the Federation and Romulans also involved. Taking place between the original series movies and the start of The Next Generation, it includes Curzon Dax, Elias Vaughn, General Worf (from The Undiscovered Country), Enabran Tain, Corbin Entek, Ian and Lwaxana Troi (Deanna’s parents), Mogh and Kaasin (Worf’s parents), Uhura, Sarek, and tons and tons more.

Check out the podcast, where they discuss the novel in depth!

I’m on Drinking With Authors

At Pensacon, I met some of the folks involved with Drinking With Authors, a podcast that interviews authors while both interviewers and interviewees sip a fine adult beverage. While drinking a bottle of the Her Name is Rioja, the bottle I and my friends helped make, I talked about life, the universe, and everything with hosts Erica Lance and Valerie Willis for the latest episode of the podcast. Check it out!

talkin’ Star Trek: Voyager on The Sci-Fi Diner Podcast

The fine folks at The Sci-Fi Diner Podcast have been going through the Star Trek pilots, and in episode #397, they’re covering Voyager‘s “Caretaker.” Since I’m doing a rewatch of the show over on, hosts Scott Hertzog, Miles McLaughlin, and Dave Sellers invited me to join them gabbing about Voyager in general and “Caretaker” in particular.

Check it out!

talkin’ the Mirror Universe on Sci-Fi Diner


The latest episode of the Sci-Fi Diner podcast is now live, and episode #381 is a recording of a panel that I participated in at Farpoint 2020 last month, in which we talked about Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe. Introduced in the original series’ “Mirror, Mirror,” and seen again in several episodes of Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and Discovery, not to mention a ton of novels, short stories, and comic books, we talk about the world where the good guys are bad guys, the Vulcans have goatées, and the uniforms are outlandish.

The panel is moderated by Kyle Williamson, who cosplays as Q, and also does the Fandom Spotlite podcast. He’s joined by me (who’s written twice in the MU, the Voyager MU short novel The Mirror-Scaled Serpent in Obsidian Alliances, and the short story “Family Matters” in Shards and Shadows), Sci-Fi Diner podcast cohost Miles McLoughlin, and Royce Essig of the web series Dark Operations: Terminus.

Check it out!

I’m on Eating the Fantastic with Scott Edelman!


Scott Edelman has a wonderful podcast called Eating the Fantastic, for which he takes a genre author out for a meal and interviews them while they eat. The latest episode is now up, and it features me! Scott stole me away from Farpoint 2020 last weekend and took me to the Iron Rooster in Hunt Valley for a yummy brunch — I had sausage gravy, biscuits, and grits, he had chicken and waffles — and a talk about Marvel Comics, childhood influences, Byron Preiss, Stan Lee, the weird-ass way I got my first novel contract, tie-ins, crowdfunding, and tons more. It was an excellent meal and a great interview, and you should check it out!

talkin’ A Singular Destiny on Literary Treks


I’m back on Literary Treks on, in episode 293 talking with hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson about my 2009 novel A Singular Destiny. It’s a very wide-ranging discussion and it doesn’t even get through everything we could have — I barely mentioned the Klingons and the S.C.E. But we talked a lot about the structure of the book, it’s genesis and production, how I’m always cleaning up Dave Mack’s messes (and that’s just our pub crawls), and President Bacco and Sonek Pran and the rest.

Check it out!


talkin’ Bruce Springsteen with Set Lusting Bruce


The Set Lusting Bruce podcast, hosted by Jesse Jackson, is a podcast about All Things Springsteen, and the latest episode is an interview with me! Check out me talking about my lifelong love of Bruce Springsteen, some of the great live shows I’ve seen, and why “Cadillac Ranch” makes me think of my late grandfather, plus lots more.