a nice piece on a 23-year-old Trek comic of mine

Back in September, Steven Blackburn wrote a nifty little piece about Data’s emotion chip that focused pretty much entirely on my 1999 Star Trek: The Next Generation comic book miniseries Perchance to Dream. Released as part of WildStorm’s Trek comics program that lasted only from 1999-2001 (and later reprinted by both IDW and Eaglemoss), this was my first published work of Trek fiction, and it’s fun to see it get some love two decades later.

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KRAD COVID reading #86c: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment Part 3

Concluding the three-part reading of the TNG/DS9 crossover novella Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment, the final part of the Slings and Arrows miniseries released to celebrate TNG‘s 20th anniversary in 2007 by chronicling the first year in service of the Enterprise-E leading up to the movie First Contact.

In this final bit, the Enterprise races to the Badlands to rescue Captains Picard and Sisko from assassins.

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KRAD COVID reading #86b: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment Part 2

Continuing the three-part reading of the Star Trek novella Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment, a TNG/DS9 team up taking place right before the movie First Contact (and between the DS9 episodes “The Ascent” and “Rapture”), in this second part, Picard and Sisko travel to the Badlands to meet with Gowron, while Worf conscripts both Data and Nog to aid in an investigation that may reveal that all is not as it seems….

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KRAD COVID reading #86a: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment Part 1

For Thanksgiving week, I’m doing a three-part reading of a Star Trek novella written as the concluding volume in the six-part Slings and Arrows novella miniseries done for The Next Generation‘s 20th anniversary in 2007 taking place in the year leading up to the movie First Contact. In Part 1 of Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment, a TNG/DS9 crossover, Captains Picard and Sisko are charged by the newly elected Federation president with reaching out to Gowron to convince him to re-enter the Khitomer Accords.

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KRAD COVID reading #62: “Four Lights”

In 2007, for the 20th-anniversary Star Trek: The Next Generation anthology The Sky’s the Limit, I was tasked by editor Marco Palmieri with writing a Picard story. I decided to do a reunion during the Dominion War between Picard and Gul Madred, the Cardassian who tortured Picard in the classic “Chain of Command” two-parter — only this time, Picard is the jailer and Madred is the prisoner…..

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a nice review of Q & A


Back in 2007, as part of the celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s 20th anniversary, I wrote the novel Q & A, which was the ultimate Q story, showing that everything Q did in all his appearances was all geared toward one particular goal.

JL Gribble bought the book from me at Capclave last year, and she just reviewed it on her blog. And she liked it, too! Check it out!

An excerpt:

Yay for multiverses! DeCandido takes threads from through-out the history of The Next Generation and crafts a solid, enjoyable adventure. I highly recommend this stand-alone novel to all Star Trek fans.

a very nice review of Q & A


Last August, a Canadian blogger who goes by “Infinite Batmans” started the Boldly Go blog, which reviews Star Trek stuff both on screen and in print. Last month, they reviewed my 2004 novel A Time for War, a Time for Peace, and now they’ve reviewed my 2007 post-Nemesis novel Q & A.

And they liked it! It gets an 8/10, particularly for fans of Q.

Money quote:

Keith R.A. DeCandido, retcons the entire history of Q to make his story much more tightly woven than it ever was intended to be. Q&A serves as a sort of explanation for all of Q’s seemingly unrelated action throughout TNG and Voyager, even ascribing to him some events that were never written that way, most specifically TNG‘s Parallels. This level of retconning is pretty dangerous, as you could alienate a lot of ‘fans’ who don’t appreciate your take on things and feel that the simple act of reading a story they disagree with has sullied their enjoyment of the episodes you’re retconning.

Let me be clear, those ‘fans’ are foolish.

a nice review of A Time for War, a Time for Peace (and the rest of the series, too…)


On the Canadian Star Trek blog “Boldly Go,” they’ve been reviewing the entire “A Time to…” series, a nine-novel series we did back in 2004 that set up the events of Star Trek Nemesis as well as the entirety of 24th-century Trek fiction moving forward. Fourteen years later, it still stands as kind of the pilot for the post-Nemesis fiction that we’ve seen.

They just put up the review of my finale to the series, A Time for War, a Time for Peace.

Money quote:

My experience with the A Time to… series has been mixed, but this novel tied everything together so gracefully that it made the whole experience worth the time. DeCandido draws from all the previous novels in the series and weaves a compelling finale that leads wonderfully into Star Trek: Nemesis. Every characters voice felt right, and their choices believable. Seeing Worf take the final steps to return to Starfleet was great, and set up the status quo of the Klingon Empire for the excellent Prey Trilogy that takes place several years later.

Here’s a link to all five “A Time to…” reviews.

Outside In Makes It So goes on sale tomorrow


Tomorrow is the on-sale date for Outside In Makes It So: 174 New Perspectives on 174 Star Trek: The Next Generation Stories by 174 Writers, edited by Robert Smith? and published by ATB Publishing. You can order the book at this link.

ATB has released the full table of contents:

Season One:

“The Trial Never Ends” by Robert Smith? (“All Good Things”)

“Q’s Clues” by Pam Bridgeo (“Encounter at Farpoint”)

“Fully Functional” by Urban Gmur (“The Naked Now”)

“Lutan Clan” by Rich Handley (“Code of Honor”)

“Size 7” by Nick May (“The Last Outpost”)

“Tests on New Galaxy-Class Starship Go ‘Disastrously’ Wrong” by Kenyon Wallace (“Where No One Has Gone Before”)

“When Just Okay is Actually Great” by Wesley Osam (“Lonely Among Us”)

“Findings of the Special Tribunal of Enquiry Into the Rubicon III Incident” by Steve Hatcher (“Justice”)

“What the Bok?” by Neil A. Hogan (“The Battle”)

“Trelane’s Game” by Jim Beard (“Hide and Q”)

“A Glimmer of Hope” by R. Alan Siler (“Haven”)

“A Hard Rain” by Keith R.A. DeCandido (“The Big Goodbye”)

“My Diary, So There” by Jennifer Adams Kelley (“Datalore”)

“Planet of the Throwbacks” by Finn Clark (“Angel One”)

“The Holodeck in Theory and Practice” by Ashley Heaton (“11001001”)

“A Public Little War” by Don Klees (“Too Short a Season”)

“Assistance Without Domination” by Sasha Chemey (“When the Bough Breaks”)

“UBOMW” by Josee Mcormond (“Home Soil”)

“Psych Out” by Bill Evenson (“Coming of Age”)

“We Are, After All, Brothers Lost Among Infidels” by Eric Briggs (“Heart of Glory”)

“Kid Friendly” by Adam Hunault (“The Arsenal of Freedom”)

“Just Say No” by Jack Graham (“Symbiosis”)

“My She Was Yar” by Alan J. Porter (“Skin of Evil”)

“Galaxy’s Greatest Scientist Leaves It All Behind” by Erika Ensign (“We’ll Always Have Paris”)

“The ‘Conspiracy’ Conspiracy” by Andy Hicks (“Conspiracy”)

“Welcome to the 24th Century” by Patrick Imbeau (“The Neutral Zone”)

Season Two:

“Here Come the Nice” by Fiona Moore (“The Child”)

“Assembly Line” by Rob Tymec (“Where Silence Has Lease”)

“One Good Genre Deserves Another” by Jessica C. Clark (“Elementary, Dear Data”)

“A Long Time Ago…” by Sarah Baum (“The Outrageous Okona”)

“The Signs of Silence” by Dave Galanter (“Loud as a Whisper”)

“Afterlife” by Grant Kien (“The Schizoid Man”)

“Better With Age?” by Brian May (“Unnatural Selection”)

“How To Be as Manly as Riker” by Crystal Hollis (“A Matter of Honor”)

“The Adoration of Commander Data” by David Hirsch (“The Measure of a Man”)

“Saint Wesley of Enterprise” by Matthew Kilburn (“The Dauphin”)

“A Final Unity” by Adam Michael Gobeski (“Contagion”)

“Shiver with Antici–” by Michele Hartman (“The Royale”)

“An Enigma of — Send Help, I’m Trapped in the Title! — an Episode” by Richard Salter (“Time Squared”)

“Space Junk” by Paul Robinson (“The Icarus Factor”)

“Is Anybody Out There?” by Lance Sibley (“Pen Pals”)

“Fade to Black” by Paul Simpson (“Q Who”)

“Smart Plan Make Us Go” by Tony Contento (“Samaritan Snare”)

“An Abstract on the Absurd” by Dave Barsky (“Up the Long Ladder”)

“Ensign Friend” by Nate Ragolia (“Manhunt”)

“Wearing Her Skin” by Colleen Hillerup (“The Emissary”)

“Strategies and Feints” by John O’Connor (“Peak Performance”)

“50 Ways to Read Your Riker” by Cameron Dixon (“Shades of Gray”)

Season Three:

“Packed with Potential” by Rosanne Welch (“Evolution”)

“Not Lost in Translation” by Kelli Fitzpatrick (“The Ensigns of Command”)

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” by Anthony Wilson (“The Survivors”)

“Typecasting a Landscape” by Lisa MacDonald (“Who Watches the Watchers?”)

“Freeze-Frame” by Liu Yin (“The Bonding”)

“Like a Bat Out of Hell” by Leslie McMurtry (“Booby Trap”)

“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Badass” by Andrew Flint (“The Enemy”)

“God Forbid I Should Miss My First Look at the Wormhole” by David Black (“The Price”)

“Of Queens and Tallywackers” by David Loan (“The Vengeance Factor”)

“Stubble, Stubble, Toil, and Trouble” by Christopher Cowan (“The Defector”)

“The Domino Effect” by Mark S. Williams (“The Hunted”)

“Listen Up!” by Rigel Ailur (“The High Ground”)

“The Corbin Maneuver” by Chip Sudderth (“Déjà Q”)

“Riker Behaving Badly” by Scot Clarke (“A Matter of Perspective”)

“Today’s Memory, Tomorrow’s Dream” by Graeme Burk (“Yesterday’s Enterprise“)

“There’s Too Much Paperwork” by Christian Kent (“The Offspring”)

“Drinking and Singing with Klingons” by Rich Schepis (“Sins of the Father”)

“What’s It Take to Get a Mutiny on the Enterprise?” by Matthew Kresal (“Allegiance”)

“Romancing the Horga’hn” by Lori Steuart (“Captain’s Holiday”)

“These Are the Voyages of the Bioship Gomtuu” by Jason Snell (“Tin Man”)

“It’s Not Easy Being Broccoli” by Derek Attico (“Hollow Pursuits”)

“Breaking Things” by Melissa Beattie (“The Most Toys”)

“Dear Dad” by Laura Ware (“Sarek”)

“Warp Nine” by Sean Twist (“Ménage à Troi”)

“How to Bake a Roddenberry Pie” by Andrew McCaffrey (“Transfigurations”)

“To Be Continued…” by Arnold T. Blumberg (“The Best of Both Worlds”)

Season Four:

“The Past is Prologue” by Shaun Lyon (“Family”)

“Behind Yellow Eyes” by Jameson Lee (“Brothers”)

“Even Aliens Know Their ABCs” by Julie Chaston (“Suddenly Human”)

“Almost Total Recall” by Ian Farrington (“Remember Me”)

“Deal Me In” by Heather Berberet (“Legacy”)

“Power, Politics, Poison, and Picard” by Warren Frey (“Reunion”)

“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” by Thomas Cookson (“Future Imperfect”)

“Indispensable” by James F. Boyd (“Final Mission”)

“The Impotence of Being Earnest” by Trey Korte (“The Loss”)

“The Collector Gene” by Ian McCann (“Data’s Day”)

“Spoon Heads to the Rescue” by John Kilfeather (“The Wounded”)

“Three Acts of Deceit” by Jon Arnold (“Devil’s Due”)

“The Wrath of Conn” by Nathan Bottomley (“Clues”)

“Seashore to Seashore” by Joseph Dilworth Jr. (“First Contact”)

“La Forge Flambé” by Lindsey Mayers (“Galaxy’s Child”)

“A Cold and Lonely Corner of Hell” by Lars Pearson (“Night Terrors”)

“Love Sick” by M.W. Tice (“Identity Crisis”)

“The Uncommon Man” by Ivy Glennon (“The Nth Degree”)

“Brought to You by the Letter Q” by Christa Dickson (“QPid”)

“In (Conspiracy) Theory” by William Leisner (“The Drumhead”)

“The Resolution Will Not Be Televised” by Heather Murray (“Half a Life”)

“It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts” by Kristine Larsen (“The Host”)

“Who’s the Fairest of Them All?” by Nick Seidler (“The Mind’s Eye”)

“Women are from Kronos…” by Leslie McIntee (“In Theory”)

“The Many Civil Wars” by Matt Smith (“Redemption”)

Season Five:

“When the Walls Fell” by Laura Gillespie (“Darmok”)

“The Mysterious Case of Ro Laren’s Earring” by Michel “Siskoid” Albert (“Ensign Ro”)

“The Grass is Always Hornier on the Other Side” by Dan Kukwa (“Silicon Avatar”)

“All Hail Marissa Flores!” by John Seavey (“Disaster”)

“Law #46” by Shawn Means (“The Game”)

“Of Coming and Goings, Of Partings and Unification” by Robert Greenberger (“Unification”)

“Sign Up Now, and Get a Time-Decoder Ring” by Kathy Sullivan (“A Matter of Time”)

“The Keatons Take Off” by Jez Cartner (“New Ground”)

“The One When He Died” by Jeffrey Wolf (“Hero Worship”)

“Dirty Words Painted Gray” by Joe Briggs-Ritchie (“Violations”)

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Utopia?” by Ben Greet (“The Masterpiece Society”)

“Basic Instincts” by Si Hunt (“Conundrum”)

“Corporeal Punishment” by David A. McIntee (“Power Play”)

“How I Learned About Assisted Suicide” by Derreck Mayer (“Ethics”)

“It’s Complicated” by Caitlin Walsh (“The Outcast”)

“After Moore” by Piers Beckley (“Cause and Effect”)

“Quit Being Mean to Your Cadets On Purpose, and Start Teaching Them Stuff” by Eric Pelot (“The First Duty”)

“Wild, Sad, Happy, Inventive, and Dancing” by Carrie Herndon (“Cost of Living”)

“How to Please Your Space Man” by Jan Fennick (“The Perfect Mate”)

“Clara’s Best Friend” by Jill Sherwin (“Imaginary Friend”)

“One Hour ‘Til Persephone” by Daniel Zimmerman (“I, Borg”)

“The Undiscovered Country” by Gregory Long (“The Next Phase”)

“Eyes Only” by Peter McAlpine (“The Inner Light”)

“I Might Be .004% Out of Phase with Plato” by Anne McClane (“Time’s Arrow”)

Season Six:

“The Gloopy Rest of the Rebarc” by Alex Kennard (“Realm of Fear”)

“Shouldn’t, Can’t, and Wouldn’t” by Jarrah Hodge (“Man of the People”)

“Scotch on the Rocks” by Stuart Douglas (“Relics”)

“The Gendered Approach to Trauma” by Amy Imhoff (“Schisms”)

“Q as Folk” by Nicole Carlson (“True Q”)

“To Boldly File” by Chris Arnsby (“Rascals”)

“The Bastard Child of Westerns, Sci-Fi, and a 1960s Acid Trip” by Marcus Harmes (“A Fistful of Datas”)

“Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” by Mick Schubert (“The Quality of Life”)

“Torturous” by Brandon Griffis (“Chain of Command”)

“The Fish that John West Rejected” by Paul Deuis (Deep Space Nine‘s “Emissary”)

“People for the Ethical Treatment of Holograms” by Clare Moseley (“Ship in a Bottle”)

“SF Cupid: Where You Can Find Someone to Boldly Go With You” by Evelyn Lamb (“Aquiel”)

“A Second Late, a Second Ending…” by Graham Howard (“Face of the Enemy”)

“This Universe is Badly Designed” by Paul Booth (“Tapestry”)

“The Diverse-Less Generation” by Emilya Piansay (“Birthright”)

“A Sad Day to Die Hard” by Steven Schapansky (“Starship Mine”)

“Out of the Frying Pan…” by Lily Mitchell (“Lessons”)

“Conversations that Never Happened” by Jason A. Miller (“The Chase”)

“Couch Surfing” by Michael Rees (“Frame of Mind”)

“???” by Ryan O’Neill (“Suspicions”)

“(Don’t) Give Me that Old-Time Religion” by Howard Mesick (“Rightful Heir”)

“An Embarrassment of Rikers” by Andy Wixon (“Second Chances”)

“Creating a Temporal Anomaly by Way of Embryonic Stem Cells” by Amy Windham (“Timescape”)

“Two Datas on the Rocks, Please” by Constantin P. Hubert (“Descent”)

Season Seven:

“Gaslight Diplomacy” by Derek Kompare (“Liaisons”)

“A Letter from Home” by Chris Kocher (“Interface”)

“Exit Interview” by Susan Stanton (“Gambit”)

“The Federation and Its Discontents” by Stephen Maslin (“Phantasms”)

“A Mother, a Daughter, a Mindscape” by Nicholas Zacharewicz (“Dark Page”)

“Kes Me, Jean-Luc” by Crissy Calhoun (“Attached”)

“Felix Sapiens” by Lene Taylor (“Force of Nature”)

“Like Mother, Like Son” by Sophia Revelis (“Inheritance”)

“Universes Times Seven” by Becky Iverson (“Parallels”)

“If Starships were Unmanned and Didn’t Go Anywhere, They’d be Perfect” by Barbara Whillock (“The Pegasus“)

“The Stinker that Sets the Standard” by Sarah Winwood (Enterprise‘s “These are the Voyages…”)

“I’m Just a Soul Whose Intentions are Good” by Ari Lipsey (“Homeward”)

Masterpiece Theater Presents…” by Sarah Goerner (“Sub Rosa”)

Je Suis Sito Jaxa” by Grant Watson (“Lower Decks”)

“Androids Anonymous” by Les Zig (“Thine Own Self”)

“A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder Floating in a Space-Time Rift” by Matthew Harris (“Masks”)

“Know What You Have to Do” by Drew Meyer (“Eye of the Beholder”)

Enterprise Dogs” by George Kovacs (“Genesis”)

“The Problem with Aliens in Brownface” by Cait Coker (“Journey’s End”)

“Past Accounts” by Campbell Hardie (“Firstborn”)

“Genetic Opera” by Zoë Tulip (“Bloodlines”)

“Fusion” by Josh Marsfelder (“Emergence”)

“Her Father Has Many Faces” by J. Allan Morlan (“Preemptive Strike”)

“Five Card Stud, Nothing Wild” by Robert Smith? (“All Good Things…”)


“Flashes Before Your Eyes” by Scott Collura (Generations)

“I Never Met Him” by Zaki Hasan (First Contact)

“Boothby’s New Tree” by Derek J. Wilson (Insurrection)

“Time and Again” by Colin Wilson (Nemesis)

The future:

“The Chicken and the Egg” by Robert Smith? (“All Good Things…”)


Pretty impressive lineup, huh? I’m especially pleased to be between the covers along with some good friends and colleagues of mine: Rigel Ailur, Derek Attico, Jim Beard, Arnold T. Blumberg, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Dave Galanter, Robert Greenberger, Rich Handley, Amy Imhoff, William Leisner, David A. McIntee, Clare Moseley, Alan J. Porter, Jill Sherwin, Lance Sibley, and Paul Simpson.


I’m in the next Outside In book!


ATB Publishing has been doing a series called “Outside In,” which has hot takes on a particular bit of pop culture. The first two covered Doctor Who, which was followed by Outside In Boldly Goes, which covered all of the original Star Trek.

This September, in time for the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, ATB will release Outside In Makes It So: 174 New Perspectives on 174 Star Trek: TNG Stories by 174 Writers, edited by Robert Smith?

I mention this mostly because I’m one of those 174 writers — I’m covering “The Big Goodbye,” the first-season episode that introduced Picard’s Dixon Hill holodeck program.

The book is available for preorder from ATB, and will likely be on other online booksellers soon…..