throwback Thursday

Eleven years ago, me, Shihan Paul, and three other students (Senpai Dorian and Senpai Charles, who are fellow black belts, and Kenny, who made it to advanced green belt, but then stopped coming to class; no idea what happened to him, though that’s not unusual — people disappear all the time….) at our dojo went on a hiking trip to New Paltz. It was a great trip, one I enjoyed immensely.

Here’s a picture Shihan took of us sitting on a very high rock on that foggy afternoon in 2006: Kenny, Senpai Charles, Senpai Dorian, and me.


throwback Thursday

From Shore Leave 28 in 2006: Kevin Dilmore’s left arm, Dayton Ward, me, Margaret Wander Bonanno, and Christopher L. Bennett discussing the Star Trek: Mere Anarchy eBook miniseries that was just launching as the convention happened. It’s possible Howard Weinstein was there, too, and completely out of the picture (as opposed to Kevin who was partially out of it.)


Why Dayton was mugging with his Mountain Dew is, sadly, lost to history………………..


throwback Thursday

Three pictures taken by Arwen Rosenbaum from a 4th of July party in 2001. Hard to believe that was sixteen years ago…………..

These are all from a volleyball game. We start with me serving while David Mack looks on in amusement:



Then we have me off-balance while Rik Cleary, Peter Liverakos, and Lucienne Diver look on in amusement:



And finally, me having fallen on my ass, and neither Rik nor the late David Honibsberg, nor Glenn Hauman evince any interest in helping me up. Bastards…….


throwback Thursday (a day early)

I’m gonna be on the road all day tomorrow — Wrenn and I are heading out at about 3am tonight/tomorrow morning to drive to Indianapolis for InConJunction — so I want to post this now, as I found it in my Facebook memories, and it’s awesome: Bob Greenberger, me, and Peter David serving as George Takei’s backup singers at Shore Leave 30 in July 2008. It was part of the opening skit for Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000 and it was empirical proof that white men can’t dance. I was subbing for Michael Jan Friedman, who also can’t dance, and who had to leave the convention early that year.


Photo by Dawn Swingle.

And, heck, here’s the actual song in full. George is singing “Seven Lonely Days.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

throwback Thursday

Me in Rome in 1981. I was twelve years old, and this was part of a month-long trip to Italy that also included Siena, Florence, Padua, Bologna, Venice, and Sequals, the latter being the small town that much of my father’s family comes from, and also where my grandfather retired to. The main function of the trip was to visit him — Nonno paid our airfare for us to come visit him, and so one of the four weeks was spent in Sequals with him. The other three weeks, we saw the sites. It was glorious, one of the best trips of my life, full of tons of art, amazing food, beautiful scenery, and family camaraderie.


throwback Thursday

In June 2013, Wrenn and I went to watch the New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians 7-4. The Yankee Stadium photographer came by and took this picture of us.


We went to the kiosk after the game to check the picture out. We looked at it, said, “Wow, that picture sucks!” The clerk sighed, used to hearing that. Then we added, “We’ll take it!” And the clerk’s jaw dropped. But we love the picture because we’re so obviously having fun, even though we look far from out best……………………….

throwback Thursday

Found this picture while digging around my computer for other things. It’s from a trip to Sequals, Italy in April 1984 to visit my grandfather. We also went to Paris and Chartres, and I spent my 15th birthday in Venice, all on that trip.

Left to right in the picture are my mother; my grandfather’s cousin Domenica; me (kneeling); my father; and my grandfather.