KRAD reading #101: “Ticonderoga Beck and the Stalwart Squad”

KRAD readings (formerly KRAD COVID readings) is back! After a one-year hiatus, I’ll be doing a new reading on the 15th of every month, starting today with “Ticonderoga Beck and the Stalwart Squad,” my contribution to the forthcoming Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022 edited by Robert Greenberger and to be published by Crazy 8 Press.


now on Kickstarter: Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022

Robert Greenberger has launched a crowdfund for his third pulp anthology from the fine feathered finks at Crazy 8 Press: Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022. I was honored to be asked to contribute to the inaugural volume (with my science fiction story about an alien invasion of Earth in the 1950s, which I imaginatively titled “Alien Invasion of Earth!”), and Bob asked me back for #3.

My story for it is one that I’m as excited about as any story I’ve written: “Ticonderoga Beck and the Stalwart Squad,” about a group of adventurers, led by the titular hero, who save the world from evil-doers in the 1930s. He’s aided in his adventures by his bodyguard, former heavyweight boxing champion Secundo Vecchia; his physician, Chow-Ling, who also knows many ancient Oriental combat techniques; his secretary Della Maze; his chauffeur/mechanic Greg Johnson; and Greg’s sister Mary, his cook.

But the Stalwart Squad has a deep secret the general public doesn’t know about.

If you want to find out what that secret is — you’re just gonna have to back the Kickstarter and make sure the book is published!

I really hope this book gets funded, because I actually want to do a ton more with Beck and the Squad.

Also in this book, besides yours truly, is a previously unpublished story by Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage, as well as tales by:

  • Raymond Benson
  • Russ Colchamiro
  • Greg Cox
  • Kathleen O. David
  • Peter David
  • Lucienne Diver
  • Mary Fan
  • Michael Jan Friedman
  • David Gerrold
  • Glenn Hauman
  • Paul Kupperberg
  • Will Murray
  • Jody Lynn Nye
  • Jean Rabe
  • Aaron Rosenberg
  • Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg
  • Caitlin Rozakis
  • Bart Sears & Michelle Sears
  • Hildy Silverman
  • Geoffrey Thorne
  • Mark Verheiden

Plus, if the crowdfund hits its first four stretch goals, the following authors will be added to the table of contents:

  • Alex Segura (at $11,000)
  • Diane Duane (at $11.500)
  • Steve Savile (at $12,000)
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans (at $13,000)

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to Kickstarter!!!!! Ticonderoga Beck and his Stalwart Squad need your help!!!!!!!