who is this Keith R.A. DeCandido fella?

I’m an author of around sixty novels, around a hundred short stories, a mess of comic books, and a ton of nonfiction. The fiction is in both more than thirty different licensed universes, as well as my own original stuff, genre fiction that takes place in the fictional cities of Super City and Cliff’s End as well as the mostly real cities of New York and Key West. (Here’s the full bibliography.)

I also am a black belt in karate (I regularly teach classes to kids and adults, including a couple of afterschool programs), a professional percussionist (I was with the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players in the 1990s and am currently with the parody band Boogie Knights; my work is on six CDs), a professional editor (that’s how I got started in the industry in the 1990s, and I still do freelance editing for clients both personal and corporate), an amateur voiceover actor (among other things, I was Todd Rage on the Parsec Award-winning audio drama HG World), and probably some other stuff I can’t remember due to the lack of sleep.

This became my new blog home in 2017, after being on Live Journal since 2004. New entries will be posted here, and I will also be posting highlights from the LJ blog periodically just in case LJ disappears………

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