my InConJunction XXXVII schedule


I will be the Toastmaster at InConJunction XXXVII in Indianapolis this coming weekend. It’s my first time mastering the toast, and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s my schedule:


4-5pm: “Comics to the Movie Screen and TV Set,” w/Mickey Moore (Main Programming)

7-8pm: opening ceremonies, w/all the major guests, which I’ll be MCing (Main Programming)



10-11am: “Comic Books on TV,” w/Katie Grause, Mickey Moore, T. Lee Harris, & Craig Smith (Grand Ballroom 7)

7-8pm: Q&A with Keith R.A. DeCandido (Ballroom D)

8-10pm: Masquerade, which I’ll also be MCing (Main Programming)



10-11am: “Why the 1966 Batman TV Show Still Matters,” w/Mark Racop, Mickey Moore, Jill Racop, & T. Lee Harris (Ballroom A/B)

3-4pm: closing ceremonies, w/whoever’s still around (Main Programming)


Hope to see folks there!


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