Shore Leave 39 in pictures

The Boogie Knights backstage after our concert. L-r: Alice the Cooper’s Daughter (Kate Greenberger Pakaski), Sir John of Denver (John Scheeler), Theodoric of York (Dave Keefer), Mad Donna (Lynn Cunningham), Lady Pinque (Linda Swann), Krad the Obscure (me), and Lady Dionne of Warwick (Sharon M.A. Palmer). I honestly don’t remember who took the photo — maybe Bob Greenberger? — but it was with Sharon’s phone.



Me chatting with the magnificent Karen Roberson at the bar Saturday night. Photo by Russ Colchamiro.



The “Where No Tale Has Gone Before” panel. L-r: Scott Pearson, Dayton Ward, David Mack, me, and Christopher L. Bennett. Photo by Derek Tyler Attico.



The panel simply called, “The Batman.” L-r: Derek Tyler Attico, Robert Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Richard C. White, and me. Not pictured, moderator John Coffren, who was on the other side of Derek from Bob. Derek posted the picture to Facebook, but I have no idea who took it.



Me in the author chimney! Signing books at the bookseller, holding up a copy of Without a License. Photo by Caren Christiansen.



Me and Laura Ware on the “Why We Write” panel. Not pictured: Melissa Scott, Peter David, and Heather E. Hutsell. Photo by Neil Ottenstein.



ASL interpreter Meredith Peruzzi and me on percussion during the Boogie Knights concert, both of us doing our best Grumpy Cat impersonations….. Photo by Neil Ottenstein.



Me, Dave Keefer (he’s behind me), and John Scheeler singing “Wanted: Harem Guard” at the Boogie Knights concert. Photo by Dawn Swingle.



Me at Meet the Pros and the handy sign that Diane Bellomo gave us to forestall inevitale “How’s married life?” questions. Photo by Neil Ottenstein.


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