my Ft. Lauderdale SuperCon schedule


I will be one of the many guests at Fort Lauderdale SuperCon this coming weekend, from Thursday the 27th to Sunday the 30th. I’ll be spending most of my time at the Bard’s Tower table in the Celebrity Autograph Area, alongside Kevin J. Anderson, Kevin Ikenberry, Josh Vogt, J. Scott Savage, and Anthony Dobranski.

However, they’ve got me doing some programming, too…..


12.45-1.45pm: “Professional Geek: How to Turn Your Passion Into Your Career,” w/Kevin Ikenberry & Josh Vogt, Room 124



4.30-5.20pm: “Adapting & Expanding Worlds in Comics & Novels,” w/Kevin J. Anderson & Georges Jeanty, Room 305



1.45-2.35pm: “Writing 101: Ask Anything,” w/Kevin J. Anderson & Kevin Ikenberry, Room 124


Looking forward to seeing folks there!


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