see me at Planet Comic-Con this weekend!


I will be at Planet Comic-Con in Kansas City this weekend. This will be my first time at this con — and also my first time in KC — and I’ll be spending my time at Bard’s Tower, Booth #1325, alongside fellow word-slingers Kevin J. Anderson, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Quincy J. Allen, and Michelle Corsillo. (Sadly, Jonathan Maberry had to cancel his appearance due to the death plague of doom. And yes, BT misspelled my last name. The appropriate people have been flogged.)

I’ll be autographing there all weekend, and also will have some books for sale:

  • Baker Street Irregulars
  • Marvel’s Thor: Dueling with Giants
  • Marvel’s Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings
  • Nights of the Living Dead
  • Orphan Black: Classified Clone Report
  • Star Trek: The Klingon Art of War
  • Supernatural: Nevermore
  • Supernatural: Bone Key
  • Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon

We’ll also have a tiny smattering of the “Precinct” books.

EDITED TO ADD: Turns out I’m doing programming, too! I’ll be on the panels “Star Wars From Episode I to VIII and All Things In Between” (Friday, 2-3pm, in Room 2503A) and “One Small Step for Man- What Fascinates Us About Space?” (Saturday, 10.30-11.30am, Room 2505A); for both I’ll be joined by Kevin J. Anderson and Melinda M. Snodgrass.

On top of that, there are tons of other cool guests there, from actors (Jason Momoa! Sonequa Martin-Green!) to fellow authors to comics artists and lots more. Come on by!


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