I’m a keynote speaker this weekend at C3


For the first time ever, I will not be attending New York Comic-Con, unless I’m able to get there for a bit on Thursday, though that’s not likely given a personal thing that came up.

But Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be at the Creatures, Crimes, & Creativity Conference in Columbia, Maryland. I will be the keynote speaker at the dinner Friday night, and will also be doing panels, signing autographs, and selling books for the rest of the weekend.

Here’s my schedule:


3-3.45pm: “Classic Monsters,” w/Chris Bauer, Eric Gardner, BR Kingsolver, and Austin S. Camacho (Merriweather Room)

5-6pm: book signing (Lakeview A)

6-7.30pm: dinner with my keynote speech (Terrace Ballroom)



1.15-2pm: “What Goes Bump in the Night: The Paranormal,” w/Melissa Caribou Annen, Andrew McDowell, and Eric Gardner (Merriweather Room)

3.15-4pm: “Reflections of Humanity in Sci-Fi & Fantasy,” w/Glenn R. Parris, Debbi Mack, Andrew McDowell, and F.J. Talley (Lakeview A)

5.15-6.15pm: book signing (Lakeview AB)



9.45-10.30am: “Fan Letters: Tales from the Fan Dark Side,” w/Rick Ollerman, David Swinson, and Rebecca York (Merriweather Room)


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