my Farpoint 2019 schedule

Keith D-1

My first convention appearance of 2019 will be this weekend at Farpoint 26 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Cockeysville, Maryland just north of Baltimore. I’ll have preview copies of Mermaid Precinct at the convention. I’ll be there as an author guest, a voiceover artist, and as a musical guest.

Here’s my schedule:


8.25-9.30pm: Prometheus Radio Theatre Show — I’ll be providing one (or more) of the voices for the annual performance that closes opening ceremonies (Valley)

10pm-midnight: Book Fair (Hunt Valley hallway)


11am-noon: Boogie Knights concert (Valley)

2-3pm: self-defense workshop (Hunt)

4-5pm: reading, w/Dr. Valerie Mikles (Salon E)

5-6pm: autographing, w/Peter David and Phil Giunta (Hunt Valley hallway)

8-10.30pm: masquerade — the Boogie Knights will be playing masquerade halftime (Valley)


10-11am: autographing, w/Mary Fan, Jay Smith, and Dr. Inge Heyer (Hunt Valley hallway)

11am-noon: reading, w/Stephen Kozniewski and Michael Critzer (Salon E)

1-2pm: “Marvel in a Snap,” w/Nathan Schell, Glenn Hauman, and Derek Tyler Attico (Salon A)

3-4pm: “I’ve Written a Book: Now What?” w/J.L. Gribble, Don Sakers, and Gregory A. Wilson (Salon C)



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