Star Trek: Picard‘s “Remembrance”


A new Trek series debuts! And there was much rejoicing! Our first long-form on-screen look at the world after Star Trek Nemesis, with a dream of Data, a retired Admiral Picard, artificial life forms, Romulans, and a whole bunch more. My take on “Remembrance.”

An excerpt:

I have no doubts, though, about how joyous it is to see Sir Patrick Stewart back in the saddle. After being stuck with Action Figure Picard in all the TNG movies, I’m grateful to see a return to the cerebral Picard of TNG’s earliest days, but with the more complex personality and maturity of TNG’s later days. He’s also very obviously older and more tired. At one point, he’s called upon to run up to the roof of a building, and he’s winded pretty much after the first ten steps. One of the things I’m most looking forward to about this series is a look at heroes in their twilight years, something not seen nearly often enough (and when done right, e.g., Unforgiven, and another Stewart vehicle, Logan, can be fucking brilliant).

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