my Farpoint 2020 schedule


As I have every year since the turn of the millennium, I will be a guest at Farpoint 2020 in Cockeysville, Maryland, just north of Baltimore. It’s my first convention of 2020, in fact!

As ever, I will be both author and music guest, doing panels and readings and autographings in the former capacity and a concert with the Boogie Knights in the latter.

Here’s my schedule:


10pm-midnight: book fair (Hunt Valley corridor)


11am-noon: Boogie Knights concert (Valley)

2-3pm: practical self-defense workshop (Hunt)

4-5pm: “Crowdfunding Your Work,” w/Michael Critzer (Salon C)

5-6pm: autographing, w/Dr. Patricia Straat (Hunt Valley corridor)

6-7pm: “Mirror Universe: We Love It Despite the Flaws,” w/Royce Essig, Miles McLoughlin, and Kyle Williamson (Salon A)


10-11am: “Trek All Access,” w/Derek Tyler Attico and JL Gribble (Salon A)

11am-noon: reading, w/JL Gribble (Salon E)

I’m scheduled for an autographing at 1pm, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make that, as I have a lunch thing.

Looking forward to seeing folks there!


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