my Virtual Balticon 54 schedule!


Yes, Virginia, there will be a Balticon 54 this coming weekend — kind of. It’ll be virtual, with panels held over Zoom. Here’s the full schedule.

The advantage of it being online is that there’s no travel and no admissions cost. Having said that, the con is also denied their usual revenue streams of admissions fees and dealer room reservations. To that end, they’ve created a GoFundMe for folks that want to donate to the convention.

Anyhow, I will be participating in three program items at the virtual con this weekend. If you want to attend a program item, you have to register for the specific panel/presentation, which you can do using the links at the program page or at the links I provide below…


6-7pm: “Writing for Themed Anthologies,” w/John L. French, Monica Louzon, Michael A. Ventrella, and Jean Marie Ward (register for this on Zoom)


11am-noon: reading, w/Nick Martell (register for this on Zoom)


3-4pm: “There is No Finish Line: Momentum for Writers,” w/D.H. Aire, Joshua Bilmes, Scott Edelman, and L. Marie Wood (register for this on Zoom)

Hope to see folks on my laptop this weekend!


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