now available for preorder: To Hell and Regroup by me & David Sherman


The official pub date for To Hell and Regroup by David Sherman and myself is 1 November 2020, and it’s available for preorder from the fine folks at eSpec Books! You can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, IndieBound, or directly from eSpec

This is the final book in David’s “18th Race” trilogy of military science fiction novels, following Issue in Doubt and In All Directions. It’s about an alien invasion of a human colony world, and the military response on the part of the North American Union, including the Marines, the Army, and the Navy.

Here’s what David very kindly wrote on Facebook about our collaboration on this final novel:

When I burned out and crashed partway through To Hell and Regroup, the third book in The 18th Race trilogy, the good people at eSpec Books brought in Keith DeCandido to relief pitch for me. Keith had a tough act to follow, coming in as he did with virtually no knowledge of what makes US Marines distinct from other military organizations.

When I read military fiction, SF or otherwise, I can readily tell whether or not the author served because military culture is distinct from civilian, and if the author doesn’t display that difference, well he didn’t serve. If it’s about Marines, I can tell whether the author was a Marine because Marine Corps culture is distinct from that of the other branches.

Keith listened carefully when I corrected errors he was making, and always brought the story back to the Marine Way of talking, thinking, and doing. I trust that vets reading this book will know that there is real experience behind the book, and that current and former Marines will know that the Marines in this novel are the same as the Marines they serve with or have served with.

Thanks, Keith. You did good.

It was my supreme honor — having edited the first two books — to then collaborate with David on the conclusion.

And if you missed the first two and want the whole thing, eSpec is also putting out an omnibus of all three books, also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Kobo, or from eSpec.

7 thoughts on “now available for preorder: To Hell and Regroup by me & David Sherman

  1. Pre-ordered! A little bummed that the Kindle version won’t be available until 31 Jan, so I have to wait for the print version to be shipped here to the UK. Oh well, been waiting for awhile, so what’s a few more weeks?

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