my Philcon 2022 schedule

What is likely to be my last public appearance of 2022 will be as the Principal Speaker at Philcon 2022 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey from 18-20 November.

Philcon is one of the oldest science fiction conventions, having gotten its start in 1936 when nine fans (among them future publisher of DAW Books Donald A. Wollheim, super-fan David Kyle, and future author Frederik Pohl) gathered in Philadelphia. It was the first convention I attended as a professional in the field after I started working for the late Byron Preiss in 1993 (prior to that, I’d attended cons — including a couple of prior Philcons — either as a fan or as press as part of The Chronic Rift).

And this year, three decades after my first time at Philcon as part of the Rift crew, I’m the guest of honor! And I’ll be launching two books, Phoenix Precinct (the sixth novel in my fantasy/police procedure series) and The Eye of Argon and the Further Adventures of Grignr the Barbarian (in which I’ll have a story).

Here’s my schedule…

EDITED TO ADD: Now with fellow panelists!


9-10pm: The Eye of Argon: The Play, w/Michael A. Ventrella, Ian Randal Strock, Gregory Frost, Hildy Silverman, Peter Prellwitz, and Jean Marie Ward (Grand Ballroom)


11am-noon: “Science Fiction/Mystery Crossovers,” w/Russ Colchamiro, Roberta Rogow, Storm Humbert, and Aaron Rosenberg (Plaza 4)

12-1pm: Tea with Keith R.A. DeCandido (con suite)

2-3pm: Principal Speaker: Keith R.A. DeCandido (Grand Ballroom) — I will probably do this as a Q&A…

3-4pm: autographing, w/Charles Urbach (autograph area)

5-6pm: “Revisiting Deep Space Nine: Still More to Talk About,” w/Susan Shwartz, Dan Persons, Russell J. Handelman, and Savan Gupta (Plaza 2)

8-10pm: eSpec Books Launch Party for Phoenix Precinct, Espirit de Corpse, and Yeti Left Home (con suite) — this is the official launch of the three books that were recently successfully crowdfunded, including my own Phoenix Precinct


11am-noon: “Writing in Someone Else’s Universe,” w/Elektra Hammond, Susan Shwartz, Aaron Rosenberg, Robert E. Waters (Plaza 4)

12.30-1pm: reading (readings room) — I will be reading one of the many short stories I’ve had out this year; which one will be up to the audience

1-2pm: “Star Trek in 2022,” w/Matt Black, Jim Prego, Hildy Silverman, and Orenthal V. Hawkins (Plaza 5)

On those vanishingly rare occasions when I’m not programmed, I’ll be in the dealer’s room at the eSpec Books table selling and signing books.

Looking forward to seeing folks there!

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  2. Pingback: updated Philcon schedule | KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life

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