Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Twilight”

It’s yet another dip into the “alternate future” well, as Archer comes down with nasty parasites that ruin his memory, T’Pol takes care of him, and the Xindi meticulously wipes out humanity. The Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch fades into “Twilight.”

An excerpt:

It starts out beautifully. I’ve spent a lot of time on this rewatch complaining about this show’s truly awful teasers, so I especially want to give credit to the teaser for this one, which is right up there with TNG’s “Cause and Effect” and Voyager’s “Scorpion” as one of the most effective in franchise history. Archer waking up confused, seeing T’Pol in a captain’s uniform, watching Earth explode—it’s the textbook definition of a good teaser, because it teases the hell out of this episode.

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