(Re)Generation Who 4 day 1: I sat next to Janet Fielding

The first day of (Re)Generation Who 4 has been a huge success, at least for me. Which was good, as it’s also been very hectic.

Wrenn and I made it down here at 4.15, which was later than we’d hoped, as I was on programming from 5-7. However, Wrenn and I (aided by a bellhop) unloaded the car, checked in, and then Wrenn went off with luggage to the room while I parked the car, leaving the stuff we’re selling with my handler’s assistant. I don’t normally have a handler for cons, but ReGenWho is very thorough about these things, and while I’m pretty low-maintenance and generally don’t ask of much from my helpers, I was extremely grateful for the extra help today, as Adam kept an eye on my stuff while I went to park the car.

I got back with just enough time to accompany Adam and my stuff to the dealer room and drop it all off, then go do my 5pm panel.

I was asked to moderate a panel on the 19th season of Doctor Who, which was a very important one. Airing in the first half of 1982, it was the first time since December 1973 that episodes of the show aired that didn’t star Tom Baker, as that was Peter Davison’s first year in the role.


Okay, first of all, I GOT TO SIT NEXT TO JANET FIELDING! Tegan has always been my favorite companion, and the woman who played her TOTALLY SAT NEXT TO ME! And she’s also a total pip. The entire panel was wonderful, even if much of it was spent making fun of Matthew Waterhouse (though Matthew did very much lean into it), and a grand old time was had by all. We talked about puking and audio books and some of the odd choices in guest stars and how you can’t go to the bathroom if you’re playing a monster and playing dual roles and all kinds of stuff.

But mostly it was Janet taking the piss out of her fellow actors. It was tremendous fun, and people spent the rest of the night walking up to me and telling me what a good job I did moderating, so that was nice. I started the panel off by pairing each actor with an episode and asking what their memory was of filming it.

After that, I went straight into doing my practical self-defense workshop, which was very well attended, then I spent the next two hours in the dealer room selling my books and Wrenn’s stuffies. After a desperately needed nap, I joined Kara Dennison, Paul Magrs, and Rob Shearman for a late-night reading panel, where we each read a short bit of our work. Rob read a hilarious piece that takes a twisted look at air travel, while Paul read a delightful anecdote from his blog about a friend who met David Bowie. Between them, I read my short-short “A Vampire and a Vampire Hunter Walk Into a Bar.” Mercifully everyone laughed at the funny parts……..

Wrenn and I hung out with folks for a while, but then we started to fade. This was a really good day — in addition to everything I mentioned, I sold bunches of books and stuffies in the two hours I was in the dealer room — and I look forward to an even better one tomorrow, complete with a panel on writing at 2pm. Aside from that panel, you’re most likely to find me at my table in the dealer room, so come on by!


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