my Balticon 52 schedule


I will, as is my wont, be at Balticon 52 over Memorial Day weekend. It would take a lot for me to miss Balticon, as that was the con at which I was introduced to Wrenn by Hugh Casey in 2009. That introduction started us on the path to where we are today as a happily married couple, and it all started at Balticon nine years ago.

So yeah, we’re going back. I’m doing programming, Wrenn’s doing tech, and both of us will be selling our wares (her stuffies, my books) at the eSpec Books table in the dealer room.

Here’s my programming schedule:


Nothing programmed, but I will be around, probably mostly at eSpec’s table.


12-1pm: Kaffeeklatsch (room 8029) — must sign up for this at the information desk

3-4pm: “Ask Me Anything: Authors,” w/Val Griswold-Ford, Bud Sparhawk, David Walton, & Lawrence Watt-Evans (Mt. Washington) — basically, you’ll have five captive authors and you can ask them anything you want (EDITED TO ADD: Bud Sparhawk announced on Facebook that he won’t be able to attend Balticon this year)


3-4pm: “Frankenstein at 200,” w/Bugsy Bryant, Mildred Cady, and Tee Morris (Guilford)

5-6pm: reading, w/Jack Campbell and Robyn Wyrick (St. George)

7-8pm: “What Good is an Agent?” w/Leah Cypress, C.S. Friedman, Christie Meierz, and Tee Morris (room 7029)

8-9pm: “Detectives in Urban Fantasy,” w/Paul Ellis, Gail Z. Martin, and Michelle Sonnier (room 8029)


12-1pm: autographs, w/Doc Coleman (5th floor lobby)

Hope to see folks there in two weeks!

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