my Balticon 53 schedule


As is my wont, I will be at Balticon 53 over Memorial Day weekend at the Renaissance Baltimore Hotel in the Inner Harbor. I will be spending a great deal of time at the eSpec Books table in the dealer room, and Mermaid Precinct will be part of eSpec’s launch party Sunday night from 7-9pm in Ballroom A.

I’m also doing programming, as per usual, which is as follows:


4-5pm: “Freelancing in the Publishing Industry,” w/Barbara Krasnoff, Ness, and Michael R. Underwood (Mount Washington)

6-7pm: “CSI: Fantasy Edition,” w/John French, David Keener, Kim the Comic Book Goddess, and Gail Z. Martin (Mount Washington)


1-2pm: “You Can’t Shop at Target in Middle Earth,” w/D.H. Aire, Elizabeth Bear, Lauren Harris, and Roberta Rogow (Kent)

2-3pm: “Captain Marvel and the Retconning of the MCU,” w/Jack Clemons, Dame Dahlia, Scott Edelman, and John Edward Lawson (Room 8006)

5-6pm: “The Rise and Fall of Marvel on Netflix,” w/D.H. Aire, Ryan Haupt, Hildy Silverman, Sara Testarossa, and Steven H. Wilson (Mount Washington)

8-9pm: reading, w/Danielle Ackley-McPhail


I have no programming on Sunday (aside from the launch party) or Monday.


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