a nice review of my Ferenginar novel in German


In the States, the Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine miniseries was six novels long, but it was published in three books, with each single volume containing two short novels. Volume 3 included both David R. George III’s Dominion tale and my own Ferenginar novel. (The other four covered Trill, Bajor, Cardassia, and Andor.)

However, when Cross Cult published the miniseries in Germany, they published it as six separate books.

The web site Warp-Core.de has reviewed Ferenginar: Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed and, based on the translation my browser provided of Götz Piesbergen’s review, it’s a very very favorable one. At one point he says, “Er ist einer der besten Star Trek – Schriftsteller, die aktuell Romane schreiben,” which translates to: “He is one of the best Star Trek writers currently writing novels,” which is incredibly sweet. He ends the review by calling it the best of the WoDS9 books, which considering the competition (besides David, there’s Heather Jarman, Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin, J. Noah Kym, and the incomparable Una McCormack) is high praise indeed.

Check it out!


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