Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “Moist Vessel”

We get a lovely and hilarious B-plot with Tendi trying to help a crewmember become a being of pure energy, which is an entertaining take on that old Trek cliché. We also get a not-so-great A-plot with Mariner being annoying yet again, though I like that Freeman tries to get her to resign by promoting her. My take on “Moist Vessel.”

An excerpt:

For the rest of the episode, Tendi keeps trying to make it up to O’Connor, which just pisses him off more. Rutherford tries to convince Tendi to back off, but she is determined to help him ascend, dagnabbit. When the ship falls apart, Tendi and O’Connor both save each other’s lives, and O’Connor reveals his fraud, and they bond—

—and then that gives him the final bit of serenity he needs to ascend. Turns out that he faked sincerity a little too well, and all the playacting he did really did prep him for ascension. But—and I have to say, I loved this part—the actual process of turning into a being of pure energy is slow and painful and horrible and agonizing, and apparently involves a smiling koala.

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