my Virtual Farpoint 2021 schedule

Farpoint 2020 was my first convention of 2020; it was also my penultimate in-person convention of 2020 — after Pensacon the week after, the apocalypse hit, and that was that. Lots of virtual conventions, of course, and that tradition is continuing with Farpoint 2021, which will also be entirely virtual, held online from 19-21 February (this coming weekend). Here’s what I’ll be doing (all times Eastern):


1-2pm: “Cons: Online vs. Real Life,” w/Don Sakers and D’Manda Martini (register here)

2-3pm: “Still Discovering Discovery,” w/Mary Fan and Kelli Fitzpatrick (register here)


1-2pm: “How Does Star Trek Thrive?” w/Derek Tyler Attico and David Mack (register here)

Should be a fun weekend! Come online this weekend and check it out!

2 thoughts on “my Virtual Farpoint 2021 schedule

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  2. Pleased to make your acquaintance! Found you via the Farpont page. Please consider dropping by the Farpoint virtual panel for Matinee Minutiae @11am 2/20 we’re a show about film and television trivia. This episode we’re discussing the 1971 Comedy, Drama “Harold and Maude”

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