my Sunday feeling (on a Monday)

Several friends of ours formed “Le Crew” a bunch of years back to make wine with a specialty house that allows you to choose your own grapes and such and participate in the creation of a wine. Wrenn and I joined Le Crew a couple of years ago and our first wine was a rioja. Our second was a Montepulciano, and yesterday we got together at Make Wine With Us in New Jersey and bottled it. It was a fun little assembly-line process whereby we filled the bottles, corked them, put the foil on, sealed the foil, and put on the label (seen above).

Our Montepulciano is called “The Full Monte,” and the label design is by the redoubtable David Mack, mixing the movie poster for The Full Monty with Michelangelo’s David. I love it.

Afterward, we retired to Glenn & Brandy’s place for lunch and general hanging out, and that was even more glorious than the bottling. After the recent apocalypse, it was so wonderful to just hang out with folks. I figured we’d be there for an hour or two. Six hours later, we finally realized we should probably go home, though we didn’t particularly want to.

A really really good day.

This morning, I get to go to the orthopedist to discuss the MRI of my knee that I got last Wednesday. After decades of knee problems I’m finally seeing a specialist about it. X-rays showed no arthritis, so we tried an MRI. Though it was only of one knee, because insurance wouldn’t approve both knees. Don’t look at me, I just work here…..

Also on the docket for this week is dinner with another couple, a Star Trek panel for Con-Tinual: The Con That Never Ends, my aunt’s birthday lunch, and, best of all, Wrenn and I are going to the Yankees-Phillies game on Wednesday night! Plus, y’know, writing and editing and stuff…….

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