my WorldCon schedule

For the first time since 2006, I’m going to be attending the World Science Fiction Convention! This year is the 79th WorldCon, DisCon III, which is being held from 15-19 December 2021 in Washington, D.C. Generally, WorldCon has been too proximate to Dragon Con (including often being the same weekend), but thanks to the apocalypse, the con is in December this year, plus it’s closer to me geographically than it’s been in ages (the last time it was this close was 2004 in Boston).

And I’m going to be doing programming as well! Here’s my schedule (the schedule I was provided doesn’t include the other panelists, so I have no idea who I’ll be joined by on them at the moment). EDITED TO ADD: I’ve been given another panel on Friday on Orphan Black, and I now know who my other panelists are for all save “Inspired or Copied?” EDITED TO ADD SOME MORE: I now have the panelists for everything!


5.30-6.30pm: reading (Capitol Room) — I will be reading “The Light Shines in the Darkness,” my story for the upcoming shared-world superhero anthology Phenomenons: Every Human Creature


7-8pm: “Plot a More Fantastic Four,” w/Tenaya Anue, Robert Greenberger, Jennifer Rhorer, and Sumiko Saulson (Forum Room)


2.30-3.30pm: autographing (Autographs 4) — also signing at the same time, and in the same area of the dealer room, are Randee Dawn, Joe Haldeman, and Rebecca Kuang

7-8pm: “Welcome to Clone Club: Orphan Black,” w/Brick Barrientos, Leigha McReynolds, Eddie Louise, Jennifer Povey, Benjamin Rosenbaum (Forum Room)


4-5pm: “Social Dynamics and Superpowers,” w/Elizabeth Hirst, Sumiko Saulson, Randy Smith, and John Wiswell (Older) — this is a virtual panel; for the Zoom link, go to the virtual con portion of DisCon’s web site


10-11am: “Inspired or Copied? The Ethics of Art,” w/Chris M. Barkley, Harold Feld, Jane Frank, J.T. Greathouse, and Matt G. Leger (Calvert Room)

The full schedule can be found here, though, again, it doesn’t list who’s on each panel. Hope to see folks there!

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