irons in the fire update


It’s not quite the end of the month, but we’re about to dive into Dragon Con, at which point I will have no time to breathe (have you seen my schedule?), so I want to get this done now, especially since I just turned something in….

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #1: This is a very cool thing that fans of the thing it ties into will enjoy immensely. I just yesterday turned in the revision. I believe it’s scheduled for fall 2018.

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #2: Did the writing sample for this, and am now in the lovely “wait and see” period.

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #3: This is nebulous, as I had preliminary talks with the people and then things kinda got crazy. Need to see if this is still on track…………

Comics project: Pitched this to an editor. Waiting for word.

Bram Gold: Now that sooper-seekrit tie-in project #1 is finally off my plate, I can dive back into A Furnace Sealed. Before SSTIP1 consumed my life, I’d intended to get the novel done by Dragon Con. Yeah.

18th Race: I was the editor on David Sherman’s first two books in this series, Issue in Doubt and In All Directions. Due to David’s poor health, he has brought me on to collaborate with him on the third and final book in the trilogy, To Hell and Back. I’ll be diving into that once A Furnace Sealed is done.

Precinct series: I have a big announcement coming, er, soon with regard to the Precinct series. Mermaid Precinct is still on track for fall release, as per the Kickstarter. I also have a bunch of Kickstarter rewards to fulfill for both Mermaid and also “Baker’s Dozen.” And I’ve got another short story percolating that will be another Kickstarter. Once all the paperwork is signed, sealed, and delivered for the big announcement, I will actually, y’know, make the big announcement. Oh, and I have written “The Fall of Iaron,” which is in the same universe as the Precinct stories, but not actually a Cliff’s End Castle Guard story. That will be in Kingdoms Fall, edited by Jonathan Maberry, next year.

Super City CopsI’ve got a story for an upcoming superhero anthology in this world that I should probably write at some point…..

Cassie Zukav: No current Cassie stories in the pipeline, though I have notions for Cassie stories floating about in my head, and if I get them written, then I will have enough for a second collection, Ragnarok and a Hard Place……

Thriller: My collaborator has asked for a revision on this, in addition to the notes my agent asked for. Now that SSTIP1 is off my plate, I can go through that and tackle those revisions.

Mystery: Really want to write this. Really don’t have time. Grumble.

Battlestar Galactica: Have an essay to write about this show for an upcoming anthology. I have debuted “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” and I will be reviewing Star Trek Discovery when it debuts. And I’ve written about Marvel’s The Defenders, with possibly another piece percolating in my head…..


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