4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Eggsy is back! So’s Merlin! So, somehow, is Harry! So is Roxy, but not for long! The Kingsman sequel has as much good as bad, just like the first one, though the problems here are, at least, different ones, and the movie is still fun, mostly. The great superhero movie rewatch examines Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

An excerpt:

Just in general, the application of gadgets and technology was horribly inconsistent. The Kingsmen have watches that can “hack anything with a microchip.” Eggsy uses it to hack Charlie’s arm. So why didn’t he use it to hack the two robot dogs? Or, for that matter, Poppy’s laptop? If Merlin was able to adjust the virus so that it acted faster, he would have known enough about its chemical composition to synthesize his own antidote.

Those are far from the only plot holes. Why is there no response from the British government to multiple missile strikes on their soil? Why did Charlie blow up the facility that stores all the antidote? How did Poppy have enough of it when Charlie blew up the antidote? How was it daylight in both Kentucky and Cambodia at the same time? (They’re separated by twelve time zones.) What incentive do people have to be employed by Poppy when she routinely kills people and expects unquestioning loyalty? (I assume she pays well, but it’s not really clear.) Also if you put a live body through a meat grinder, there will be blood everywhere, plus the meat that come out the other side will be filled also with ground-up bone and muscle and, y’know, clothes and jewelry, not just red meat.

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