ordering links for all the Precinct books

Now that Phoenix Precinct is an actual book — and officially going to be published by eSpec Books in March of next year — I thought I’d provide an updated list of how to get the entire set of books in my epic fantasy/police procedure series. Pick up all the adventures of the passionate half-elf Lieutenant Danthres Tresyllione, the ex-philosopher/ex-soldier Lieutenant Torin ban Wyvald, and the rest of the Cliff’s End Castle Guard as they attempt to maintain law and order in the largest city-state in Flingaria.

Here’s how you can order the books in either trade paperback, eBook, or (for the first four novels) audio form online:

If you want an autographed copy of any of the above in trade paperback, you can order them from me. It’s $16 for one book, $32 for two, $45 for three, $60 for four, $70 for five, $85 for six, and $95 for all seven, plus $8 for shipping. You can pay me via PayPal (krad@whysper.net), Zelle (krad@whysper.net), Venmo (@keith_decandido), or Google Pay (keith.decandido@gmail.com), or send a check or money order to PO Box 4976, NYC 10185-4976.

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